Let's talk tools for fighting waste and fraud

The oversight board wants a contractor to build a public dialogue on tools to fight waste and fraud.

Federal agencies' search for IT tools to combat waste and fraud in government is about to go online.

The oversight board is getting ready to sponsor an online discussion on technologies and techniques to safeguard taxpayer dollars and it is looking for some help from a vendor.

The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board said it intends to publish a solicitation for a contractor to assist in hosting the week-long live online public dialogue on technologies for fighting fraud and waste. Vendors must be contractors under the General Services Administration’s Mission-Oriented business Integrated Services (MOBIS) Schedule, according to an Aug. 3 notice published on the Federal Business Opportunities website.

The goal of the dialogue is “to solicit input from relevant stakeholders on what technologies and techniques can enhance the prevention and detection of waste, fraud, and abuse of federal grants and awards,” the notice states.

Participants expected to be included in the online dialogue are financial and risk analysts, IT industry leaders and officials from federal, state and local government agencies. The dialogue will be “live” for a week but the entire contract would span eight weeks, the notice stated.

For the online dialogue portion of this project, the contractor will help with developing questions to pose to participants; inviting participation; hosting and moderating the dialogue while it is live for a week; analyzing and summarizing the results; and being responsible for overall project management, the notice states.