With ATSC in the fold, Salient adds new business units

The expanded company adds two business units and a center of excellence.

With Salient Federal Solutions’ acquisition of ATS Corp. completed, the newly enlarged company today unveiled a new business unit, Civilian Mission Critical Solutions.

Salient announced on Friday that it would complete the deal that day.

Salient also has established the Agile Software Center of Excellence as way to bring its expertise in defense, homeland security, intelligence and cyber to the federal civilian market segment, according to the April 2 announcement.

Salient also is establishing a business unit focusing on system and software engineering solutions to leverage the additional capabilities ATSC brings for agency-wide IT infrastructure, cloud computing, and large scale systems integration.

“Salient’s acquisition of ATSC is an important waypoint in the company’s strategy of very carefully targeting high-growth areas in the public sector market,” Salient CEO Brad Antle said in the announcement.

Salient’s acquisition of ATSC will allow the company to provide a broader range of capabilities to more customers and to cross sell Salient capabilities and ATSC capabilities to each others' customers such as software and system development and systems integration.

It also expands Salient’s portfolio of tools and technologies with assets such as a Rational toolset, a financial services platform, and a solution for blue force tracking and personnel incident management.

As part of the acquisition, Salient now has a number of new governmentwide acquisition contracts; other task order contracts and Multiple Award Schedules programs, including Alliant and Army HR Solutions.