Our latest reader's guide to the GD-CSRA-CACI saga

We dove deep into the General Dynamics-CSRA combination and CACI International's subsequent effort to combine with CSRA, which GD successfully warded off with a sweetened offer. Here's a page that rounds up what we've done so far with a promise of more to come.

(Updated March 28 with additional stories on CACI International's withdrawal of its bid for CSRA. That cleared the path for General Dynamics' to proceed on its bid for CSRA)

General Dynamics’ announcement that it would acquire CSRA is one of the biggest deals to hit the federal market in a long time.

We’ve covered it extensively since it was announced and we’ll continue to do so. This page serves as a way to roundup our coverage and analysis.

Think of it as a resource page about the deal and a place to come to catch up and gain insights on what the transaction might mean to you.

We created a similar page when the DXC-Vencore-Keypoint three-way deal was announced in October. Click here for the latest on that deal, now scheduled to close in May.

Below are our stories to date. We’ll continue to pay close attention to this deal as it moves forward so we’ll be adding to this page.

General Dynamics buying CSRA in watershed federal IT deal

Our first story on the $6.8 billion cash acquisition (value at the time) after it broke that covers the basics of the transaction.

General Dynamics-CSRA deal driven by budget expectations

This was still day one, but Ross Wilkers analyzes General Dynamics' rationale for the deal.

General Dynamics' and CSRA’s recompete challenge

A look at large mergers such as this one could create opportunities for competitors.

4 questions raised by General Dynamics’s deal for CSRA

More from Ross on how the combination might fare in the market.

Did General Dynamics pay a fair price for CSRA?

Including debt, the $9.6 billion total value is a big one so we look at some numbers underlying the deal.

General Dynamics-CSRA: The deal that shook the market

Executives around the market share their reactions with me on what the deal means.

How CSRA expands General Dynamics' public safety footprint

A look at Govini's analysis of areas where GD will gain scaled and increased presence.

With CSRA, General Dynamics will 'not be consolidated out of the IT services market'

General Dynamics' finance chief explains why they decided to be a consolidator with the CSRA acquisition rather than see competitors push them out of the IT services market.

Inside the bidding war for CSRA

Details on how CSRA entertained two other offers before it accepted General Dynamics' bid.

General Dynamics clears antitrust hurdle for CSRA deal

A mandatory 30-day waiting period over all large transactions ends to let this one proceed.

CACI makes $7.2B bid for CSRA in effort to top General Dynamics' offer

CACI goes public with its renewed pursuit of CSRA through a new unsolicited proposal.

CACI turns up the heat with renewed bid for CSRA

Investment bankers and market analysts help us make sense of CACI's effort.

General Dynamics counters CACI's bid for CSRA

General Dynamics responds with an increase in its bid from $6.8 billion to $6.9 billion, which CSRA accepts.

CACI withdraws bid for CSRA, path clears for General Dynamics

CACI ends its effort to acquire CSRA in a move that sets General Dynamics on course to close the deal.

Sizing up the General Dynamics IT-CSRA combination

With General Dynamics the clear CSRA takeover battle winner, we look closer at what their combination looks like against the field.