ManTech's back with another objection to USCIS contract

Another twist has occurred in ManTech International’s battle over a $93 million contract for engineering and IT support for U.S. Customs and Immigration Services.

Another twist has occurred n ManTech International’s battle with the Homeland Security Department over a $93 million contract for engineering and IT support to the U.S. Customs and Immigration Services agency.

CACI International originally won the order, but we reported earlier that ManTech protested and was actually on the cusp of winning its protest when DHS pulled the plug.

The corrective action was very late in the process, but ManTech has been pushing back on the action because they argue it is too narrow and will likely result in CACI winning the contract again.

This is the second time ManTech has protested the corrective action. A May protest was dismissed by the Government Accountability Office as premature.

But DHS applied the corrective action just as ManTech predicted and now they are back with a fresh protest. I guess it is sort of an “I told you so” protest.

ManTech wants everything reopened to improve its posture in the competition.

We’ll have to see if GAO agrees.

There also is a chance that if DHS opens it too much, then CACI might have a case of its own to protest.

ManTech filed its protest on Aug. 14 with a decision due by Nov. 23.

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