Brillient Corp. and Robotic Process Automation

Brillient Corp. used robotic process automation to improve how the Air Force managed travel for its personnel.

Brillient Corp. and its innovation lab have focused on robotic process automation and how the deployment of bots create efficiencies and improve outcomes.

For the Air Force Personnel Center, Brillient developed a bot that ensures travel records are accurate and up to date. The company led an opportunity workshop at the center that screened and prioritized candidates for an RPA bot.

The result is a solution that updates travel records and corrects travel codes not properly entered into the system. This has improved accuracy and reduced the workload.

Because the manual process was so labor intensive, the Air Force estimated that there as blacklog that would tat 229,000 labor hours to clear. The RPA bot was developed in two weeks.

The bot manages a variety of variables as it works through the records and making corrections. The program focuses on travel in the continental United States, allowing Air Force personnel to focus on travel outside the United States.

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