Accenture adds to TSA portfolio

Under the FAST blanket purchase agreement, Accenture Federal Services will support airport security operations.

CACI wins $2B NASA IT centralization job

The space agency is looking to standardize and consolidate how it manages IT systems and applications.

Space Force awards $1B ground system software contract

The service branch hires 20 small businesses to help move along the development of a new system that leans on commercial cloud.

Appeals court rules potential subcontractors can file protests too

A whole new category of protests could open up for situations where prime contractors decide to custom-build their solutions.

Veterans Affairs proposes schedule for T4NG2 case

The department believes the 32 protests involving the $60 billion IT vehicle can be resolved by March 2025.

FCC greenlights $200M pilot for school and library cybersecurity

The commission also approved an item to help bolster the security of a core data routing algorithm.

AECOM gets second chance at USAID work in Ukraine

The U.S. Agency for International Development will re-examine its evaluation and decision to choose Amentum for the contract.

FBI reveals the 95 ITSSS-2 winners

The FBI took more than a week from first announcing the awards to publishing the list of companies that won spots on the $7 billion IT pact, but those names are now out.

Protests against T4NG2 awards hit a growth spurt

More companies have joined the group of those complaining about how the Veterans Affairs Department evaluated proposals for the $60 billion IT vehicle.

MDA chooses small biz JV for $347M planning support contract

VetTech will be at the center of the Missile Defense Agency's contribution to the so-called PPBE cycle for resource allocation across the Defense Department.

Pentagon’s AI office awards Palantir a contract to create a data-sharing ecosystem

The Pentagon’s marketplace for quickly onboarding new tech solutions helped Palantir receive its contract in 30 days.

Protest ping-pong engulfs $345M Veterans Affairs contract

GovCIO and General Dynamics IT continue to trade blows as the file conversion contract has turned into a perpetual loop of protests and corrective actions.

ManTech, GovCIO renew protests over $171M TSA award

The Transportation Security Agency chose Maximus to support various IT systems for a second time, but the protesters continue to claim TSA's decision has flaws.

Air Force chooses 14 for $220M geospatial support contract

Air Force leaders sought a pool of contractors to help facilitate enhanced and shared situational awareness.

Judge sets schedule for CIO-SP4 protests

The National Institutes of Health's IT arm has about four weeks to file its administrative record for the $50 billion CIO-SP4 IT contract, followed by other deadlines through the summer and fall.

NIST taps Analygence to help fix vulnerability database backlog

The standards agency has been unable to keep up with the inflow of system vulnerabilities being reported to its database.