Army releases draft for enterprise payroll system syahrir maulana

The Army is collecting comments from industry on its plan for the recompete of a contract to help run the system that handles base pay, benefits, bonuses and re-enlistment functions.

The Army wants a tight turnaround for comments on the draft solicitation for the next iteration of its Integrated Personnel and Pay System contract.

The value is yet to be determined for this recompete to support the Army's payroll operations.

The draft was released Nov. 22 and comments are due Friday, Dec. 1.

The contract will cover a wide range of financial services related to paying military and civilian personnel. Services include accounting, allotments, absences, base pay, benefits, bonuses, disability pay, leave, payroll processing and re-enlistment.

CACI International won the current contract in 2015 and the ceiling value was $160 million at that time. The Army awarded the company an extension in 2022 that added $69 million to the ceiling.

As part of its contract, CACI consolidated 50 systems into a web-based platform. Last year, the company said there were 800,000 user accounts and 100,000 daily users of the system.

Solicitation documents indicate the Army has several more rollouts of capabilities scheduled through fiscal year 2030. The development and rollout of new capabilities rely heavily on a DevSecOps methodology for software development.