WT 360: Jack London's success driven by curiosity, integrity and entrepreneurship

Jennifer London, wife of the late Jack London, shares the lessons that CACI International's longtime leader learned during his career and what those lessons can teach everyone.

CACI again wins $5.7B Air Force contract, but new protests follow

The service branch is trying to award its enterprise IT-as-a-service contract for a second time.

Incumbents win parallel $2.25B background investigation support recompetes

The Defense Department agency responsible for background investigations is moving to a new case processing system as part of the larger "Trusted Workforce 2.0" push.

CACI continues fight for $500M DIA contract

The Defense Intelligence Agency has twice chosen another company for the IT infrastructure work.

Missing details grounded CACI's TSA bid

Like the incumbents before it, CACI failed to hang onto to this $343 million IT infrastructure contract and a newly-released bid protest decision explains why.

CACI's $2.4B NSA win faces challenges

The National Security Agency will take another look at bids after a pair of protests.

Tradition continues: incumbent loses TSA IT infrastructure contract

The Transportation Security Agency has always chosen someone new in each recompete of the work.

Bid protest ruling clears $2.3B background investigation contract to move forward

Awards should be imminent from the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency.

Companies have no control over inflation, so how do they get through it?

Investors got some answers to that big-picture question from CACI International and Northrop Grumman.

CACI looks inside for next finance chief

Current Chief Financial Officer Tom Mutryn has helped lead CACI's financial strategy for 16 years is retiring.

Air Force to rethink $5.7B enterprise IT award to CACI

The service will look at conflict-of-interest allegations and how it evaluated proposals for this portion of its Enterprise IT as a Service effort.

Protests hit CACI's $5.7B Air Force win

Every other company that bid on the enterprise IT services contract wants at least a second chance at it.

CACI-led team wins $5.7B Air Force enterprise IT pact

Wave number one of the branch's "Enterprise IT as a Service" effort seeks to push more basic IT functions out to industry.

CACI speaks to the other half of today's talent crunch

Acquisition teams inside federal agencies need workers too and are losing them, which has a knock-on effect that CACI International wants investors to consider.

CACI renews fight for $343M TSA IT infrastructure contract

This protest saga is on again after the Transportation Security Agency chose a competitor for the second time.

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DeEtte Gray, president of CACI International’s business and information technology solutions sector, shares with Editor Nick Wakeman her experiences as a female executive coming up through the ranks in the government contracting market and offers her best advice for the next generation of women leaders.

PROJECT 38: Why enterprise solutions demand a higher level of focus

CACI International's lead IT executive DeEtte Gray describes to Editor Nick Wakeman the focus companies must have to win business and deliver enterprise solutions in today's federal market.