Deloitte fights for another shot at $789M SHARKCAGE cyber contract Gerard Soury

The company is challenging the Navy's evaluation of proposals and selection of a rival for the cybersecurity contract.

Deloitte wants back into the competition for a $789 million Navy contract that was captured by Accenture.

The Navy wants to build a new IT environment for sensing, detecting and analyzing activities across its networks. Accenture won the contract known as SHARKCAGE in February.

After going through the debriefing process, Deloitte filed a protest raising challenges to four non-price factors the Navy used in evaluating proposals:

  • The proposal for a prospective task order
  • Technical approach to production
  • Management approach
  • Supply chain risk management

Deloitte claims that the Navy should have assigned weaknesses to Accenture’s proposal under those same factors.

Deloitte also challenges how the Navy conducted its cost/price evaluation and made the best-value trade-off decision.

The protest was filed March 6 and a Government Accountability Office decision is due June 14.

SHARKCAGE will rely on commercial and commercial off-the-shelf IT products for cybersecurity and analytics functions. It will cover shore, mobile expeditionary and afloat modes.

The contract will support the Navy’s Information-21, ONENet and Navy-Marine Corps Intranet networks.