PROJECT 38: How to survive today's tech stressors

In part two of Senior Staff Writer Ross Wilkers’ discussion with BAE Systems’ Peder Jungck and Dell Federal's Cameron Chehreh they take on the stressors being felt across the tech market.

How much stress on the system is created by the so-called “need for speed” with regard to advanced technology adoption and deployment in federal agencies?

In this episode of Project 38, we pick up on the second half of Senior Staff Writer Ross Wilkers’ discussion with a pair of chief technology officers at federal systems integrators on the right methodologies to help government customers wanting to shrink timelines from years to months and sometimes weeks.

Peder Jungck of BAE Systems Inc.’s intelligence and security sector and Cameron Chehreh of Dell Federal conceded that the shift does create stress on the system, but also explain ways to work through it.

Wilkers closed the conversation by asking Jungck and Chehreh for their views on the global computer chip shortage that has disrupted substantially the entire economy, plus what that could mean for the federal technology landscape and the future global supply chain.

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