PROJECT 38: How the metaverse is already here with more to come Weiquan Lin

The metaverse is changing how agencies operate and how contractors deliver solutions. To hear Chris Copeland and Kyle Michl of Accenture Federal Services explain things to our Editor Nick Wakeman, the concept is more than a buzzword.

Plenty of hype and skepticism surrounds the metaverse, but the substance is there to be found underneath the surface.

This episode of Project 38 sees Chris Copeland and Kyle Michl, respectively chief technology and chief innovation officer at Accenture's federal subsidiary, introduce our Editor Nick Wakeman to the metaverse and explain how the physical and digital worlds are converging.

As they see it, everyone is already in the metaverse to a certain degree. The metaverse is merely new way of interacting with data and making use of it. It’s a new way of working that will touch nearly every aspect of government operations and how contractors deliver solutions to clients.

Companies and agencies are already adopting the principles of the metaverse into solutions for training, modeling and simulation, and other areas. Even if they call it something other than the metaverse.

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