WT 360: More signposts to note from the 2024 Top 100

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Nick and Ross continue their 2024 Top 100 chat by highlighting one company as certain to climb up the 2025 rankings after its big merger, plus how growth and commercial tech partnerships go together for all systems integrators.

Even with this year's Top 100 rankings out for all to see, sometimes it's never too early to start looking at next year's when we have certainty over how two companies will feature on it.

For this second in a two-part episode, Nick and Ross pick up where they left off in part one by highlighting how the complex merger of Amentum with Jacobs' government services businesses will affect the 2025 ranking. This is one of several examples they highlight of how mergers and acquisitions affect the rankings every year.

Nick and Ross also highlight how just about every IT systems integrator ties their strategy to working well with global commercial tech providers. Company No. 100 on the ranking also gets the spotlight in their discussion.

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