2022 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $495,483,000
Defense Revenue: $52,010,000
Civilian Revenue: $443,473,000
2021 Revenue: $1.6 billion
2021 Earnings: $71.1 million
2020 Revenue: $1.5 billion
2020 Earnings: $55 million
Number of employees: 7,700
Headquarters: Fairfax, Virginia
Website: http://www.icf.com/

John Wasson, chair, president and CEO James Morgan, chief of business operations Andrea Baier, SVP, Europe and Asia Barry Broadus, CFO Anne Choate, EVP energy, environment and infrastructure Gene Costa, EVP, disaster management and program implementation Jim Daniel, general council John George, CIO Amira Hossain, SVP, corporate development Kristen Klovshy, SVP, corporate growth Mark Lee, EVP, public sector Matt Maurer, chief marketing officer Caryn McGarry, chief HR officer Philip Mihlmester, EVP global energy Sergio Ostria, EVP growth and innovation David Speiser, EVP, corporate strategy Robert Toth, SVP, contracts and administration Kris Tremaine, senior managing partner, ICF Next Tobais Schaefer. SVP, Europe and Asia

Ticker: ICF
Lines of business: Anaytics, cybersecurity, digital transformation, policy, program implementation, research, strategy and innovation, human capital, enterprise products
Major customers: N/A
Major contracts/projects: CIOI-SP3, OASIS, HCaTS, Seaport NxG, Alliant 2, Army Eable Shield BPA