2023 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $289,141,000
Defense Revenue: $283,450,000
Civilian Revenue: $5,691,000
2022 Revenue: Employee-owned
2022 Earnings: N/A
2021 Revenue: N/A
2021 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: 1,800
Headquarters: Alexandria, Virginia
Website: https://www.dcscorp.com/

James Benbow, CEO
 Larry Egbert, COO and president
 Tim Phelps, CFO
 Curtis Schehr, general counsel and chief ethics officer
 Lance Alsheimber, EVP and sector manager, Air-Sea Forces Support
 Charles Faris, EVP and sector manager, Navy weapons systems production and deployment
 William Protzman, EVP and sector manager, Army and Marine Corps
 Jack Jackson, VP, human resources
 Raul Sagun, chief growth officer

Ticker: Employee-owned
Lines of business: Mission focused solutions, AI and machine learning, human systems engineering, modeling and simulation, rapid prototyping, test and evaluation, unmanned systems, weapons systems development, electronic warfare, mission planning, C5ISR
Major customers: Defense, GSA, DHS
Major contracts/projects: OASIS, Express, Seaport, Astro, RS3, GSA schedules