2022 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $1,824,625,000
Defense Revenue: $864,482,000
Civilian Revenue: $960,143,000
2021 Revenue: 101.2 billion
2021 Earnings: $4.9 billion
2020 Revenue: $86.7 billion
2020 Earnings: $2.2 billion
Number of employees: N/A
Headquarters: Round Rock, Texas
Website: https://www.dell.com/en-us

Michael Dell, chairman and CEO Jeff Clarke, vice chair and co-COO Wendy Thomas, president and CEO, Secureworks Allison Dew, chief marketing officer Howard Elias, chief customer officer and president, services and digital Rich Rothberg, general counsel Jennifer Saavedra, chief HR officer Bill Scannell, president, global sales and customer operations Tom Sweet, CFO Jim Kelly, general manager, federal

Ticker: DELL
Lines of business: End-to-end solutions, products, solutions, services, implementing remote workforce, APEX, payment and consumption solutions
Major customers: N/A
Major contracts/projects: SEWP V, ITES-3H, ADMC-3, GSA schedules