2023 Fast 50

3: Jazz Solutions, Inc.
Location: Ashburn, Virginia
Annual growth rate: 157.1%
2022 Revenue: $30,600,000
2021 Revenue: $21,200,000
2020 Revenue: $7,100,000
2019 Revenue: $1,420,000
2018 Revenue: $700,000
Kristen Larson, CEO
Number of employees: 112
Website: https://www.jazzsolutions.com/
Lines of business: Cybersecurity Identity, Credential, Access Management (ICAM) System & Application Development IT Support Services Low-Code Development Consulting & Advisory Services
Major customers: US Department of Education US Department of Labor US Department of Defense Federal Student Aid Mine Safety & Health Administration
Major contracts/projects: Person Authentication Service II (PAS) - PPS Infotech, a wholly owned Jazz Solutions, Inc. (JSL) subsidiary, is the current prime contractor for U.S. Department of Education, Federal Student Aid Person Authentication Service (PAS) Operations and Maintenance contract. The PAS application (known as the FSA ID) provides a common authentication and authorization solution for FSA’s applications used by financial aid borrowers, students and parents. Currently PAS is servicing over 83 million FSA customers and has completed more than 1 billion successful authentications. Enterprise Change Management System (ECMS) Rational Operations & Maintenance - Jazz Solutions, Inc. (JSL) is the current prime contractor supporting the U.S. Department of Education (ED) Federal Student Aid’s (FSA) Enterprise Change Management System (ECMS). FSA employs a complex set of applications to support its mission of managing grants, loans, and work-study funds. Many of these applications rely on the ECMS managed suite of tools to support system, application, and infrastructure changes. JSL provided all administrative oversight of the IBM Rational suite of tools.