2023 Fast 50

19: BrainGu
Location: McLean, Virginia
Annual growth rate: 65.2%
2022 Revenue: $30,500,000
2021 Revenue: $20,800,000
2020 Revenue: $12,500,000
2019 Revenue: $3,300,000
2018 Revenue: $4,100,000
John Spencer-Taylor, CEO
Number of employees: 103
Website: https://braingu.com/
Lines of business: Software and application development, Software platform development, DevSecOps
Major customers: US Air Force, US Army, US Navy
Major contracts/projects: Air Force Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) IDIQ: $125M Air Force DevSecOps IDIQ: $21M Air Force STRATFI: $15M Air Force LevelUp Software Factory Development: $16M Air Force LevelUp System Coordination Team (task order through BrainGu’s GSA Schedule): $8M Air Force Genisys II IDIQ: $5M Also of note, a. BrainGu is one of only 6 Authorized Resellers on Platform One, the Air Force’s premier DevSecOps Enterprise Services program which manages all software factories across the agency b. BrainGu is one of 27 contractors on the $950M DoD JADC2 IDIQ