2023 Fast 50

48: Blackwatch International
Location: McLean, Virginia
Annual growth rate: 21.0%
2022 Revenue: $15,000,000
2021 Revenue: $17,000,000
2020 Revenue: $10,000,000
2019 Revenue: $8,000,000
2018 Revenue: $7,000,000
Leadership: N/A
Number of employees: 95
Website: https://blackwatchintel.com/
Lines of business: Cybersecurity, DevSecOps, IT Modernization, Information Assurance, Risk Management Framework, IT Infrastructure Operations, Electrical Engineering, Semiconductor and Microelectronics Manufacturing Sustainment
Major customers: US Patent and Trademark Office Defense Microelectronics Activity
Major contracts/projects: US Patent and Trademark Office Enterprise Infrastructure Production Line Rapid Phased Production (EIPL RPP) Defense Microelectronics Activity Manufacturing Sustainment and Engineering SUpport