2022 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $336,878,000
Defense Revenue: $4,192,000
Civilian Revenue: $332,686,000
2021 Revenue: N/A
2021 Earnings: N/A
2020 Revenue: N/A
2020 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: N/A
Headquarters: Fairfax, Virginia
Website: http://highlighttech.com/
Leadership: Rebecca Andino, CEO Adam McNair, COO Tracy Nguyen, CFO Elaine Schlegel, VP, contracts Fiona Sityar, HR manager Ashley Nichols, VP, corporate strategy and development Kevin Long, VP, delivery Tamar Mintz, VP, delivery and portfolio management G
Ticker: N/A
Lines of business: Development and modernization, secure IT, mission solutions
Major customers: N/A
Major contracts/projects: SA schedules, MOBIS, CIO-SP3 small business, Seaport NxG, PACTS II, NIWC PAC, OASIS SB