2023 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $509,022,000
Defense Revenue: $227,120,000
Civilian Revenue: $281,902,000
2022 Revenue: Privately held
2022 Earnings: N/A
2021 Revenue: N/A
2021 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: N/A
Headquarters: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Website: https://www.mythics.com/

Paul Seifert, CEO
 Doug Altamura, sector president
 Scott Needleman, general counsel
 Kevin Hodgkiss, CFO
 Sheri Mullin, SVP, human resources
 Aaron Cornfield, CTO
 Amanda Noon, marketing director
 Deonte Watters, VP, contracts
 Peter Sirh, SVP, contracts
 Thomas Zell, VP, corporate IT
 Nelle Doyle, SVP, federal sales
 Eric Seifert, SVP, sales, strategic markets
 Jennifer VanGraafeiland, SVP, support solutions
 Scott Tesnow, VP, federal contracting
 Sloan Frey, SVP
 Erik Benner, VP, enterprise transformation
 Randy Hardee, VP, solution architecture
 Brian Meincke, SVP, consulting
 Paul Hughes, SVP, digital transformation and managed services
 Shawn Ruff, SVP, consulting services
 Rich Reid, SVP, SaaS solutions

Ticker: Privately held
Lines of business: Infrastructure, applications, services
Major customers: Defense, State, VA, DHS, HHS
Major contracts/projects: GSA schedules, DHS Enterprise Financial Management Software, Oracle enterprise agreements at State, DHA, Air Force