2022 Top 100

34: V2X
Top 100 Revenue: $1,137,991,000
Defense Revenue: $1,136,330,000
Civilian Revenue: $1,661,000
2021 Revenue: $1.8 billion
2021 Earnings: $45.7 million
2020 Revenue: $1.4 billion
2020 Earnings: $37 million
Number of employees: 8,100
Headquarters: McLean, Virginia
Website: https://gov2x.com/

Charles Prow, president and CEO Susan D. Lynch, CFO Sue Deagle, chief growth officer Kevin Boyle, general counsel Kenneth Shreves, SVP, organic growth and operational enablement Aranya Ghatak, CIO William Noon, chief accounting officer Michael Smith, VP, investor relations J. Eric Best, VP, financial operations Joe Poniatowski, VP, contracts Courtney Schoch, deputy general counsel Federick J. Nohmer, VP, program operations Michael J. Smith, VP, engineering and digital integration programs Greg Wallace, VP, military aviation services programs Lisa Freeman, VP, national security programs

Ticker: VVX
Lines of business: Base operations, supply chain and logistics, IT mission support, engineering and digital integration, security, MRO
Major customers: N/A
Major contracts/projects: AFCAP V, Eagle II, GCS MAC II, GSA MAS, ITES-3S, JE-RDAP, LogCap V, OASIS, SeaPort NxG, WEXMAC