2007 Fast 50

24: Astor and Sanders Corp.
Location: Gaithersburg, Md.
Annual growth rate: 89.28%
2006 Revenue: 2,110,746
2005 Revenue: 1,655,201
2004 Revenue: 249,268
2003 Revenue: 196,699
2002 Revenue: 164,456
Leadership: Sadhna Agrawal
Number of employees: 35
Website: www.astor-sanders.cm
Lines of business: IT, telecommunications, administrative support, program control, and quality assurance
Major customers: Bureau of Economic Analysis, departments of Labor, Agriculture, Commerce and Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, National Oceanic and Atmospherice Administration and Maryland State Highway Administration
Major contracts/projects: The company is providing system support services to the U.S. Geological Survey and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. At Agriculture, the company is supplying IT and administrative services.