2022 Top 100

Top 100 Revenue: $2,349,989,000
Defense Revenue: $1,231,505,000
Civilian Revenue: $1,118,484,00
2021 Revenue: $14.1 billion
2021 Earnings: $477 million
2020 Revenue: $13.6 billion
2020 Earnings: $491.8 million
Number of employees: 55,000
Headquarters: Dallas
Website: http://www.jacobs.com/

Steve Demetiou, chair and CEO Kevin Berryman, CFO Bob Pragada, COO Madhuri Andrews, chief digital and information officer Steve Arnette, president, ciritcal mission solutions Joanne Caruso, chief legal and administrative officer Shelie Gustafson, chief people and inclusion officer Marietta Hannigan, EVP and chief strategy, corporate development and communication officer Patrick Hill, president, people, and places solutions Caesar Nieves, president, divergent solutions

Ticker: J
Lines of business: Climate response, data solutions, consulting and advisory, advanced manufacturing, cities and places, national security, infrastructure, health and live sciences, space, energy and environment
Major customers: N/A
Major contracts/projects: SeaPort NxG, ITES-3S, GSA schedule, Alliant 2, Oasis, , CIO-SP3, SITE 3