2016 Fast 50

41: Strongbridge Corporation
Location: Sterling, Va.
Annual growth rate: 59.01%
2015 Revenue: $19,342,678
2014 Revenue: $14,529,836
2013 Revenue: $13,175,301
2012 Revenue: $10,129,681
2011 Revenue: $3,025,331
Leadership: Janaki Deshmukh/CEO
Number of employees: 150
Website: http://www.strongbridgecorp.com
Lines of business: Lines of Business include Systems Engineering, IT Services, Strategic Communications, and Program Support. Systems Engineering includes software development, software support, GIS design/development, database development/administration, data analytics, and mobile app development. IT Services includ
Major customers: Department of Transportation, Department of Labor, Department of State, U.S. Navy, NASA, and Department of Agriculture.
Major contracts/projects: DOT NHTSA IT Support for the National Center for Statistical Analysis (NCSA) - Strongbridge supports the systems that collect and track data related to accidents that occur on U.S. public and private roadways. Strongbridge provides systems development/maintenance, database development/administration