2004 M&A Round Up

106 deals that are reshaping the market

Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/5/2004 NCI Information Systems Inc. Scientific & Engineering Solutions Inc. NA
1/5/2004 Wireless Facilities Inc. High Technology Solutions Inc. $48.8
1/6/2004 Stanley Associates Inc. Fuentez Systems Concepts Inc. NA
1/9/2004 McNeil Technologies Inc. Research and Evaluation Associates Inc. NA
1/15/2004 Orantech Management Systems Ltd. Hancal, a division of IMI Ltd. NA
1/21/2004 CACI International Inc. MTL Systems Inc. NA
1/21/2004 Haverstick Consulting Inc. DTI Associates Inc. NA
1/21/2004 SI International Inc. Matcom International Corp. $65.8
1/22/2004 Apogen Technologies Inc. Science & Engineering Associates Inc. $100.0
1/26/2004 Jefferson Consulting Group Privacy Council Inc. NA
1/30/2004 Computer Sciences Corp. Scandinavian IT Group, a division of SAS AB $65.5
1/30/2004 SRA International Inc. Orion Scientific Systems Inc. NA
2/2/2004 VT Group plc J.A. Jones Services Group $18.0
2/5/2004 CDW Government Inc.** T3 Corp. scientific II products unit NA
2/6/2004 Del-Jen Inc. Trend Western Technical Corp. NA
2/6/2004 Lau Technologies Inc. MCR LLC, a subsidiary of AT&T Corp. NA
2/10/2004 American Security Resources Corp. (formerly Kahuna) Superior Protection Inc. NA
2/10/2004 SCIENCE APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CORP. Aquidneck Management Associates Ltd. NA
2/13/2004 Alion Science and Technology Corp. Identix Public Sector Inc. NA
2/14/2004 Viisage Technology Inc. Trans Digital Technologies Corp. $52.4
2/17/2004 Apptis Inc. Technology and Management Associates Inc. NA
2/23/2004 Identix Inc. Sylvan Identix Fingerprint Centers LLC $0.9
2/24/2004 Advanced Technology Systems Inc. Voyager Systems Inc. NA
2/28/2004 VeriSign Inc. Guardent Inc. $135.0
3/1/2004 CACI International Inc. CMS Information Services Inc. $27.4
3/1/2004 Calibre Inc. Strategic Management Initiatives Inc. NA
3/1/2004 Ciber Inc. SCB Computer Technology Inc. $74.9
3/4/2004 ManTech International Corp. Affiliated Computer Services Inc. USAF unit NA
3/8/2004 Athena Human & Technology Integrated Security Solutions Ltd. GS-3 NA
3/8/2004 Tetra Tech Inc. Advanced Management Technology Inc. NA
3/12/2004 Paladin Capital Partners Fund LP Star mountain Inc. NA
3/15/2004 Alliant Techsystems Inc. Mission Research Corp. $215.0
3/15/2004 SafeNet Inc. Rainbow Technologies Inc. $457.0
3/16/2004 Verity Inc. Cardiff Software Inc. $50.0
3/25/2004 ISR Solutions Inc. The Comm Group NA
3/30/2004 BBNT Solutions Inc. (management buyout) BBNT Solutions Inc. from Verizon Communications Inc. NA
4/1/2004 DigitalNet Holdings Inc. User Technology Associates Inc. $50.0
4/1/2004 RGII Technologies Inc. Automated Information Management Inc. $13.7
4/1/2004 SYS Technologies Inc. Polexis Inc. $6.0
4/5/2004 BAE Systems North America Inc.** STI Government Systems Inc. $27.0
4/5/2004 Nannaco Inc. Red Alert Group Inc. NA
4/19/2004 Number Six Software Inc. Praxis Solutions Inc. NA
4/30/2004 Apptis Inc. SafeCare Systems LLC NA
5/3/2004 CACI International Inc. American Management Systems Inc.''s defense unit $415.0
5/3/2004 CGI Group Inc. American Management Systems Inc. $443.0
5/4/2004 Boeing Co. Frontier Systems Inc. NA
5/12/2004 Sterling Investment Partners LP Community Research Associates NA
5/17/2004 AccuSoft Corp. KhorosPro software line of Khoral Inc. NA
5/18/2004 WidePoint Corp. Chesapeake Government Technologies Inc. NA
6/1/2004 Analex Corp. Beta Analytics Inc. $33.8
6/1/2004 Betrusted Inc. Security Assurance Group NA
6/1/2004 PEC Solutions Inc. Integrated Information Technology Corp. $35.0
6/3/2004 Unisys Corp. ePresence Inc. $11.5
6/14/2004 Dimensions International Inc. Sentel Corp. NA
6/14/2004 IBSG International Inc. newGov Solutions Inc. NA
6/25/2004 Essex Corp. Performance Group Inc. $5.0
6/29/2004 Universal Guardian Holdings Inc. Strategic Security Solutions International Ltd. $4.0
6/30/2004 Markland Technologies Inc. E-OIR Technologies Inc. $19.0
7/1/2004 MTC Technologies Inc. Command Technologies Inc. $47.0
7/2/2004 AMERICAN SYSTEMS CORP. True North Solutions Inc. NA
7/6/2004 Unisys Corp. Baesch Computer Consulting Inc. NA
7/7/2004 Harris Corp. Orkand Corp. $66.0
7/27/2004 Anteon International Corp. Simulation Technologies Inc. $15.0
7/29/2004 Veritas Capital Fund LP McNeil Technologies Inc. NA
8/4/2004 Wireless Facilities Inc. Defense Systems Inc. $6.6
8/6/2004 SafLink Corp. SSP-Litronic Inc. NA
8/10/2004 Foster-Miller Inc., a QinetiQ Ltd. subsidiary HVR Consulting Services :td/ $23.9
8/11/2004 Anteon International Corp. Integrated Management Services Inc. $29.0
8/11/2004 CompuDyne Corp. 90 Degrees Inc. NA
8/17/2004 BAE Systems North America Inc.** Practical Imagineering Inc. $8.3
8/17/2004 Computer Science Corp. DynPort Vaccine Co. NA
8/18/2004 Harris Computer Systems Cayenta Canada Corp. $6.0
8/19/2004 Media Services Group Inc. Innalogic LLC NA
9/1/2004 Dynamics Research Corp. Impact Innovations Group LLC $53.4
9/8/2004 JMAR Technologies Inc. LXT Group $0.5
9/9/2004 Calian Technology Ltd. Titan Consulting Group Inc. $5.0
9/9/2004 PEC Solutions Inc. AC Technologies Inc. $49.7
9/15/2004 Geo360 Corp. Space Imaging LLC NA
9/17/2004 General Dynamics Corp. TriPoint Global Communications Inc. NA
9/21/2004 AMERICAN SYSTEMS CORP. Digital Access Corp. NA
9/29/2004 Argon Engineering Associates Inc. SenSyTech Inc NA
10/4/2004 BIO-key International Inc Aether Systems Inc. [mobile government unit] NA
10/4/2004 Technology Service Corp. Phase IV Systems Inc. $5.8
10/6/2004 Raytheon Co. Photon Research Associates Inc. NA
10/14/2004 Intersections Inc. American Background Information Services $18.5
10/15/2004 QinetiQ Ltd. Westar Aerospace & Defense Group Inc. $130.0
10/18/2004 L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. DP Associates Inc. NA
10/19/2004 DynTek Inc. Integration Technologies Inc. NA
10/25/2004 BAE Systems North America Inc.** DigitalNet Holdings Inc. $593.2
10/27/2004 SafeNet Inc. Datakey Inc. $8.0
10/27/2004 WidePoint Corp. Operational Research Consultants Inc. $5.0
10/29/2004 Fed IT LLC Austin Information Sytems Inc. NA
11/4/2004 Planning Systems Inc. Neptune Sciences Inc. NA
11/5/2004 QinetiQ Ltd. Foster-Miller Inc. $163.0
11/8/2004 BAE Systems North America Inc.** Alphatech Inc. $88.4
11/29/2004 Science Application International Corp. ProcureNet Inc. NA
12/6/2004 General Electric Co. InVision Technologies Inc. NA
12/7/2004 Gray Hawk Systems Corp. Symmetron Inc. NA
12/9/2004 Mercury Computer Systems Inc. Momentum Computer Inc. $14.0
12/13/2004 Apptis Inc. KMR LLC NA
12/13/2004 The Stanley Works ISR Solutions Inc. NA
12/20/2004 CompuDyne Corp. Copperfire Software Solutions Inc. NA
12/21/2004 SI International Inc. Bridge Technology Corp. $30.0
12/30/2004 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. Soflinx Corp. NA