2006 M&A Round Up

84 deals that are reshaping the market

Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/17/2006 ITS Corp. The Leads Corp. NA
1/18/2006 General Dynamics Corp. FC Business Systems Inc. NA
1/24/2006 Raytheon Co. Houston Associates Inc. $47.0
1/25/2006 Aviel Systems Inc. Optimus Corp. NA
1/26/2006 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. Aspen Systems Corp. $92.4
1/30/2006 SiloSmashers Inc. The Martis Group NA
2/1/2006 Kforce Inc. Pinkerton Computer Consultants Inc. $60.0
2/2/2006 EnergySolutions LLC BNG America $90.0
2/9/2006 Brady Corp. GE IDenticard Systems Inc. NA
2/10/2006 Alion Science and Technology Corp. BMH Associates Inc. $18.0
2/21/2006 Apogen Technologies Inc. QinetiQ Trusted Information Management Inc. NA
2/21/2006 Golden Gate Capital Hansen Information Technologies Inc. NA
2/21/2006 Stanley Associates Inc. Morgan Research Corp. $83.0
2/24/2006 Alion Science and Technology Corp. Washington Consulting Inc. NA
2/27/2006 SI International Inc. Zen Technology Inc. $60.0
3/1/2006 CACI International Inc. Information Systems Support Inc. $145.0
3/16/2006 GlobalOptions Group Inc. James Lee Witt Associates LLC $6.0
3/20/2006 IAP Worldwide Services Inc. G3 Systems Ltd. NA
3/24/2006 Navigant Consulting Inc. Precept Programme Management $50.0
4/1/2006 MTC Technologies Inc. Aerospace Integration Corp. $41.3
4/6/2006 SYS Technologies Inc. Reality Based IT Services Ltd. $9.5
4/10/2006 Kenexa Corp Knowledge Workers Inc. NA
4/19/2006 Zanett Inc. DataRoad Inc. NA
4/28/2006 Parametric Technology Corp. Mathsoft Engineering & Education Inc. $63.2
4/28/2006 VT Group plc Lex Defense $156.7
5/1/2006 CACI International Inc. AlphaInsight Corp. $42.0
5/9/2006 Babcock International Group PLC Alstec Ltd. $83.8
5/12/2006 Pearson Government Solutions Blueprint Technologies Inc. NA
5/15/2006 Qinetiq Group PLC Ocean Systems Engineering Corp. $53.0
5/19/2006 Alion Science and Technology Corp. Micro Analysis & Design NA
5/23/2006 Visiprise Inc. RSS Solutions NA
5/31/2006 Netco Government Services Inc. Multimax Inc. NA
6/1/2006 Altarum Institute Health Systems Research Inc. NA
6/1/2006 Saber Consulting Inc. Convansys Corp.''s state and local business $40.0
6/7/2006 EnergySolutions LLC Duratek Inc. $396.0
6/8/2006 EADS North America Dynamic Process Solutions Inc. NA
6/8/2006 General Dynamics Corp. Anteon Corp. $2,229.8
6/12/2006 National Technical Systems Inc. B & B Technologies Inc. NA
6/29/2006 The National Center for Crisis Continuity Coordination ESP Group LLC NA
6/30/2006 Alion Science and Technology Corp. Anteon Corp., certain assets $225.0
7/5/2006 JDA Software Group Inc. Manugistics Group Inc. $210.4
7/17/2006 Avatech Solutions Inc. Technology & Training Services Inc. NA
7/20/2006 Kroll Inc. Homeland Solutions LLC NA
7/26/2006 Deltek Systems Inc. C/S Solutions Inc. NA
8/4/2006 SAIC Cornerstone Industry Inc. NA
8/17/2006 Teledyne Technologies Inc. CollaborX Inc. $17.5
9/5/2006 Brook Street Investments and company management Phoenix Integration Inc. NA
9/6/2006 EDO Corp. CAS Inc. $179.5
9/8/2006 SAIC bd Systems Inc. NA
9/12/2006 Tyler Technologies, Inc. Software Systems Inc. NA
9/15/2006 EDO Corp. Impact Science & Technology Inc. $124.2
9/26/2006 SAIC Ricciardi Technologies Inc. $9.8
9/29/2006 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. Pacific Architects & Engineers Inc. NA
9/29/2006 NetStar-1 RGII Technologies Inc. $21.0
10/1/2006 Kforce Inc. Bradson Corp. $73.0
10/2/2006 Affiliated Computer Services Inc. Systech Integrators Inc. $65.0
10/2/2006 Infoscitex Corp. Systran Federal Corp. NA
10/2/2006 Wireless Facilities Inc. Madison Research Corp. $69.0
10/5/2006 Symmetricom Inc. Timing Solutions Corp. $8.0
10/6/2006 ManTech International Corp. GRS Solutions Inc. NA
10/10/2006 Command Information Inc. AnviCom Inc. NA
10/11/2006 CDW CORPORATION Berbee Information Networks Corp. $184.0
10/17/2006 ifour LLC Centurion Research Solutions LLC NA
10/19/2006 L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. SpecTal LLC $100.0
10/25/2006 SRA International Inc. RABA Technologies LLC NA
10/26/2006 McKean Defense Group LLC Lloyd Lamont Design Inc. NA
10/27/2006 DynTek Inc. Sensible Security Solutions Inc. $1.6
11/2/2006 IceWEB Inc. True North Solutions Inc.''s federal business NA
11/2/2006 Trimble Navigation Ltd. XYZ Solutions Inc. NA
11/16/2006 The O''Gara Group LLC Homeland Defense Solutions Inc. NA
11/20/2006 McDonald Bradley Inc. Software Performance Systems Inc.''s federal business $18.5
11/22/2006 Trimble Navigation Ltd. Spacient Technologies Inc. NA
11/28/2006 Axiom management Axiom Electronics LLC NA
12/1/2006 Datapath Inc. Industrial Logic Corp. $25.7
12/8/2006 MuniServices management MBIA MuniServices Co. NA
12/11/2006 Protiviti Government Services Inc. Enspier Technologies Inc. NA
12/12/2006 Primavera Systems Inc. Pertmaster Limited NA
12/18/2006 SAIC Applied Marine Technology Inc. NA
12/21/2006 Computer Sciences Corp. Datatrac Information Services Inc. NA
12/21/2006 ComServe Corp. Aquis Communications Group Inc. NA
1/19/2007 L-3 Communications Inc. TCS Design & Management Services NA