2008 M&A Round Up

87 deals that are reshaping the market

Transactions in the government services market.

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Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/1/2008 CoVant Technologies LLC A-T Solutions Inc. NA
1/1/2008 SERCO INC. SI International $523.2
1/1/2008 SRA International Interface and Control Systems $8.1
1/4/2008 WidePoint Corp. iSYS LLC $11.9
1/4/2008 Boeing Co. RavenWing Inc. NA
1/9/2008 PreVisor Inc. Performance Technologies International Inc. NA
1/17/2008 Wyle Laboratories Inc. RS Information Systems Inc. NA
1/18/2008 VT Group plc British Nuclear Group Project Services Ltd. $151.3
1/18/2008 Amey Group Amyx Inc. NA
1/21/2008 Qinetiq Group PLC Pinnacle CSI $6.0
2/12/2008 Technology Service Corp. MagnaCom Inc. NA
2/13/2008 ICF INTERNATIONAL Jones and Stokes Associates Inc. $48.7
2/15/2008 Qinetiq Group PLC Ball Solutions Group Pty Ltd. $10.1
3/3/2008 National Interest Security Company LLC Edge Consulting Inc. NA
3/5/2008 L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. Bioscrypt Inc. $45
3/14/2008 Excellere Partners Acquisition Solutions Inc. NA
3/17/2008 Homeland Security Capital Corp. Safety and Ecology Corp. $24.5
3/18/2008 KOR Electronics Paragon Dynamics Inc. $8.9
3/31/2008 Adayana Inc. Vertex Solutions Inc. NA
4/3/2008 Macfadden & Associates Inc. Systems Integration Group Inc. NA
4/8/2008 KBR Inc. Catalyst Interactive $5
4/14/2008 VSE Corp. G&B Solutions Inc. $23.7
4/16/2008 Netstar-1 Inc. Aviel Systems Inc. NA
4/18/2008 Raytheon Co. SI Government Solutions Inc. $32.0
4/25/2008 Calibre Systems Inc. Maguire/Reeder Ltd. NA
4/26/2008 Brocade Communications Systems Inc. Strategic Business Systems Inc. NA
5/1/2008 The Cadmus Group Cadmus Group Inc. NA
5/12/2008 Trace Systems Inc. TCP Network Solutions Inc. NA
5/19/2008 Vangent Inc. Aptiv Technology Partners' government health unit $3.9
5/27/2008 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. Eagle Group International LLC NA
6/3/2008 Cobham plc Sparta Inc. $422.8
6/9/2008 BAE Systems plc MTC Technologies Inc. $451.1
6/10/2008 Command Information Inc. Idealogica NA
6/10/2008 DC Capital Partners Kaseman LLC NA
6/16/2008 Ultra Electronics Holdings plc ProLogic Inc. $58.0
6/18/2008 Cambridge Communication Systems Inc. CellExchange Inc. $15
6/30/2008 Informix Inc. Tier Technologies Inc.'s government outsourcing unit $11
6/30/2008 Kratos Defense and Security Solutions Inc. SYS Technologies Inc. $57.1
6/30/2008 BBN Technologies Digital Force Technologies NA
7/1/2008 Comsys IT Partners Inc. ASET International Services Corp. $7
7/1/2008 Bart & Associates Digital Solutions LC NA
7/15/2008 Macaulay Brown Inc. Gray Research Inc. NA
7/15/2008 Stanley Inc. Oberon Associates $173.6
7/21/2008 Macaulay Brown Inc. KosTech Inc. NA
7/23/2008 General Dynamics Corp. ViPs Inc. $225
7/28/2008 Raytheon Co. Telemus Solutions Inc. $20
7/29/2008 CUBIC CORP. Omega Training Group Inc. $61
7/30/2008 SRA International ERA Systems Corp. $124.4
7/31/2008 The Carlyle Group Booz Allen Hamilton $2,540
7/31/2008 MicroTechnologies LLC SIGCOM's visual communications unit NA
8/7/2008 Apptis Inc. Base One Technologies NA
8/11/2008 Dynamics Research Corp. Kadix Systems LLC $47.1
8/12/2008 Global Technology Resources Inc. Anywhere Network Solutions Inc. NA
8/14/2008 L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. Digimarc ID Systems LLC $310
8/26/2008 Hewlett Packard Co. EDS Corp. $13,900
8/28/2008 AEA Technology PLC Project Performance Corp. $66.6
8/29/2008 ManTech International Corp. Emerging Technologies Group USA Inc. $25.5
9/2/2008 Private Investors led by Donald Holzworth Constella Futures NA
9/8/2008 Trusted Computer Solutions Inc. CounterStorm Inc. NA
9/9/2008 Boeing Co. Insitu Inc. NA
9/29/2008 BAE Systems plc Detica Group plc $1,062.4
10/1/2008 Veritas Capital CherryRoad GT Inc. NA
10/3/2008 NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP. 3001 International Inc. $90.0
10/13/2008 Qinetiq Group PLC Commerce Decisions Ltd. $17.1
10/13/2008 Thales Group nCipher Corp. $104.2
10/16/2008 National Interest Security Company LLC Multi-Threaded Inc. NA
10/17/2008 Qinetiq Group PLC Dominion Technology Resources Inc. $165
10/22/2008 Finmeccanica S.p.A DRS Technologies $5,200
10/31/2008 Shawmark Group Aspiration Software Inc. NA
11/6/2008 Boeing Co. Tapestry Solutions NA
11/20/2008 United Technologies Corp. Noresco NA
11/24/2008 Insurance Services Office Ltd. Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc. NA
11/28/2008 ManTech International Corp. EWA Services Inc. NA
12/1/2008 New Mountain Capital LLC Camber Corp. NA
12/2/2008 Kforce Inc. dNovus RDI $38
12/3/2008 L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. International Resources Group Ltd. NA
12/8/2008 Boeing Co. Federated Software Group Inc. NA
12/18/2008 Boeing Co. Digital Receiver Technology Inc. NA
12/19/2008 Computer Sciences Corp. Log.Sec NA
12/19/2008 Metalmark Capital Schafer Corp. NA
12/22/2008 BAE Systems plc Tenix Toll Defense Logistics Pty Ltd. $16.4
12/24/2008 Kratos Defense and Security Solutions Inc. Digital Fusion Inc. $35
6/30/3008 Affiliated Computer Services Inc. Orbital Sciences Corp.'s transportation management unit $45

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