2023 M&A Round Up

Another active year for M&A

Though fewer transactions closed in 2022 than 2021, it was another strong year for mergers and acquisitions as we tracked 141 deals for the year. 

Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/3/2022 ICF INTERNATIONAL Creative Systems and Consulting NA
1/3/2022 MANTECH INTERNATIONAL Technical and Management Assistance Corporation NA
1/4/2022 Harris Computer Systems i2 intelligence analysis product portfolio from IBM NA
1/5/2022 Concept Plus, LLC US Information Technologies Corporation NA
1/5/2022 Octo Consulting B3 Group NA
1/6/2022 GCOM Software LLC ASR Analytics NA
1/10/2022 Prometheus Security Group LINX Defense $50
1/12/2022 Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Cosmic Advanced Engineering $38
1/13/2022 Godspeed Capital Management Exceptional Software Strategies NA
1/13/2022 Juvare Nusura NA
1/19/2022 Sigma Defense SOLUTE NA
1/21/2022 SolarWinds Monalytic N/A
1/25/2022 Enlightenment Capital Boecore NA
1/25/2022 Federal Advisory Partners Favor TechConsulting N/A
1/27/2022 Torch.AI B23 LLC NA
1/28/2022 RSC2 Trimech's defense business N/A
1/28/2022 Godspeed Capital Management Savli Group NA
2/2/2022 Anduril Industries Dive Technologies NA
2/11/2022 Ignite Labs Atlas Executive Research NA
2/14/2022 Aeyon Marick Group NA
2/14/2022 Aeyon Manufacturing Technical Solutions NA
2/15/2022 AMENTUM PAE $2,070
2/16/2022 Resonant Sciences Quarterbranch Technologies NA
2/16/2022 Cellebrite Digital Clues AG NA
2/22/2022 Cyber Capital Partners Point3 Security NA
2/22/2022 Markon Solutions IntegrateIT Holdings NA
2/23/2022 SDI Presence LLC Scientia Consulting Group NA
2/25/2022 Gunnison Consulting Group Centerpoint NA
2/28/2022 Kratos Defense & Security Solutions CTT NA
3/1/2022 Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Azimuth1 NA
3/3/2022 Federal Advisory Partners Universal Consulting Services NA
3/7/2022 BAE SYSTEMS Bohemia Interactive Services $200
3/7/2022 DELOITTE BIAS Corporation NA
3/8/2022 Janes RWR Advisory Group NA
3/8/2022 TETRA TECH, INC. Axiom Data Science NA
3/15/2022 Saalex Solutions Network and Simulation Technologies NA
3/16/2022 Mission Critical Partners LLC Secure Halo NA
3/23/2022 AE Industrial Partners Firefly Aerospace NA
3/29/2022 cBEYONData Alta Via Consulting NA
3/31/2022 Top Aces Blue Air Training NA
4/4/2022 Two Six Technologies River Loop Security NA
4/5/2022 EM Key Solutions Cortek business from DecisionPoint NA
4/5/2022 Qualis Engineering team from Nimble TSC NA
4/5/2022 Spire Capital Partners Pen-Link Inc. NA
4/6/2022 DMI Aurotech NA
4/7/2022 Enlightenment Capital PM Consulting Group NA
4/11/2022 Battle Investment Group Bart & Associates NA
4/12/2022 PSC-Mosaic Holdings ASRC's federal intelligence portfolio NA
4/14/2022 NowVertical Group Allegient Defense $10
4/19/2022 BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON Reveal Technology NA
4/20/2022 Castellum Inc. Lexington Solutions Group NA
4/25/2022 Definitive Logic Digital Mobilizations NA
5/2/2022 Two Six Technologies Thresher Ventures NA
5/3/2022 Thales Group Simulation and training business from RUAG NA
5/4/2022 Avantus Federal Far Ridgeline Engagements NA
5/9/2022 Hive Group FedSim business of Avantus NA
5/11/2022 Mobilitie, a subsidiary of BAI Communications Signal Point Systems NA
5/11/2022 Axiologic Solutions Data Intelligence Technologies NA
5/11/2022 LookingGlass Cyber Solutions Next5 NA
5/17/2022 Sigma Defense Sub U Systems NA
5/18/2022 DC Capital Partners, LLC Valkyrie NA
5/25/2022 Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Southern Research's engineering division $80
5/25/2022 ERC Oasis Systems NA
6/1/2022 Electrosoft Services Inc. Achilles Shield NA
6/2/2022 PARSONS CORP, $400 N/A
6/8/2022 Unison Plan 4 Healthcare NA
6/14/2022 Ad Hoc LLC Cascades Technologies NA
6/15/2022 SEMPRE.ai NewSpace Networks NA
6/22/2022 Apollo Information Systems CyberDefenses Inc. NA
6/27/2022 Yulista Holdings Troy7 NA
6/28/2022 TTM Technologies Telephonics Corp. NA
6/30/2022 SixGen Fourcast Management and Analysis NA
6/30/2022 Bernard Capital Partners Sterling Engineering and Consulting Group NA
7/7/2022 New Mountain Capital Emmes NA
7/7/2022 Vertex Aerospace Vectrus $2,100
7/7/2022 Thoma Bravo Gray Shift LLC NA
7/12/2022 Declaration Partners, Capitol Meridian Partners, 22C Capital LMI Consulting NA
7/12/2022 CollabraLink Technologies Inc. Groundswell Consulting Group NA
7/14/2022 ICF INTERNATIONAL SemanticBits $220
7/22/2022 I2 Group Rosoka NA
7/26/2022 Veritas Capital Epiq Design Solutions NA
7/26/2022 Unison FARclause.com NA
7/26/2022 Chickasaw Nation Industries IPKeys Technologies NA
8/1/2022 Cobham plc Ultra Electronics $3,760
8/1/2022 Yulista Holdings StraitSys NA
8/1/2022 ByLight Veraxx Engineering NA
8/1/2022 SES Corp. DRS GES business of Leonardo SpA $450
8/2/2022 KBR INC. VIMA Group $82
8/3/2022 Slingshot Aerospace Seradata NA
8/3/2022 CIS Secure Computing Intrepid Solutions and Services, LLC NA
8/4/2022 Flashpoint Echosec Systems NA
8/4/2022 Antarctica Capital Descartes Labs NA
8/5/2022 Command Holdings WWC Global NA
8/9/2022 Mirion Technologies Collins Aerospace Systems NA
8/10/2022 ARKA Stratagem NA
8/11/2022 Anuvu Signal Mountain Networks NA
8/15/2022 System High Corp. Manage YOURiD NA
8/17/2022 AeroVironment Inc. Planck Aerosystems $6
8/31/2022 Systems Planning & Analysis ORCA unit of Metron NA
9/1/2022 Quest Defense Systems and Solutions EXB Solutions Inc. NA
9/1/2022 ICF INTERNATIONAL Blanton & Associates NA
9/9/2022 SkyePoint Decisions SNR Government IT Services NA
9/12/2022 PenLink Inc. GeoTime product line from Uncharted Software Inc. NA
9/15/2022 The Carlyle Group ManTech International $4,200
9/19/2022 Madison Dearborn Partners Unison NA
9/27/2022 Business Integra Technology Solutions Chenega Federal Systems NA
10/3/2022 ECS Federal Iron Vine Security NA
10/4/2022 Enlightenment Capital Infinite ID NA
10/5/2022 GUIDEHOUSE LLP Grant Thornton public sector advisory practice NA
10/11/2022 Boecore Ascension Engineering Group NA
10/12/2022 SilverEdge Qvine NA
10/14/2022 BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON Everwatch NA
10/19/2022 FalconTek Core Mission Solutions N/A
10/24/2022 Armada Parent Advanced Marine Preservation NA
10/24/2022 SilverEdge Counter Threat Solutions NA
10/25/2022 Janus Research Group Cape Henry Associates NA
10/26/2022 FireTeam Solutions Case Consulting NA
10/27/2022 DMI Ambit Group NA
10/31/2022 Bernhard Capital Partners Boston Government Services NA
10/31/2022 LEIDOS Cobham Special Mission NA
11/2/2022 The Cadmus Group Wheelhouse Group NA
11/2/2022 Sparton DeLeon Springs Logos Technologies NA
11/3/2022 MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Wovenware $33
11/8/2022 Edgesource Auspex NA
11/15/2022 VTG Defense Next Rev Technologies NA
11/15/2022 AE Industrial Partners York Space Systems NA
11/16/2022 Enlightenment Capital Agile Defense NA
11/16/2022 Softtek Aveshka NA
11/23/2022 QinetiQ Avantus Federal $590
11/29/2022 LEONARDO DRS RADA Electronic Industries $678
11/30/2022 Trive Capital Forward Slope NA
11/30/2022 Enlightenment Capital iNovex NA
12/1/2022 LMI Consulting Synaptech NA
12/7/2022 Cydecor InnovaSystems NA
12/8/2022 DLH Holdings Corporation GRSi $185
12/8/2022 The Acacia Group Runtime Technologies LLC NA
12/16/2022 EM Key Solutions Brandon Green Management Group NA
12/23/2022 IBM CORP. Octo Consulting NA
12/23/2022 McNally Capital Xcelerate Solutions NA
12/31/2022 Digital Intelligence Systems LinTech Global NA
12/31/2022 Babel Street Rosette business of BasisTech N/A

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