Budget and Funding

Deal reached to avert shutdown with only hours to spare

A late-night deal avoided a partial government shutdown, the fifth such occasion this year.

Is the boss nickel-and-diming your IT operations?

In the current budget environment, employees are likely to pay the price for budget-saving measures.

Home improvement and the federal budget

Agencies should have enough budget flexibility to manage emergent situations.

Harsh budget reality hits home

The reality of tightening budgets is starting to sink in, Steve Kelman observes.

Budget cuts won't stop DOD IT spending in 2012, forecast predicts

DOD's appetite for IT expected to be diminished, but still healthy

Could budget cuts inspire true innovation?

Tight budgets will put constraints on agency ambitions, but sometimes a constraint can provide a structure for building something inspired.

How long can we operate without a budget?

Congress's inability to pass budgets is becoming dangerous. One lawmaker's proposal could be the solution, but does it stand a chance?

What does the $16 muffin really mean?

Attention to allegedly overpriced conference muffins gives a false image of the reasons for the deficit, writes Steve Kelman.

$130M up for grabs in DOE research grants

Breakthroughs in biofuels, rare earth alternatives and solar power electronics are just some of the areas DOE will focus on.

Undoing shutdown prep -- tell us about your week

Many agencies spent last week preparing for a shutdown and now have to undo their preparations -- or maybe hold off a few days. Tell us about your experience.

How to make reverse auctions even better

Steve Kelman advises FedBid on how to enhance the value of its reverse auction service.

Stay updated during the shutdown

FCW will continue delivering timely information to our readers, even if the government shuts down.

Shutdown redux: Early proposals rejected

The Senate has rejected two separate spending proposals. Now the clock is ticking again toward a possible government shutdown.

Government shutdown could get postponed

It now seems likely that a feared government shutdown at the end of this week will be averted, but the reprieve is only temporary. If Congress can't agree on a budget deal soon, the threat will return in two weeks.

Readers fret about shutdown risk

Our readers express anger, worry, cynicism in face of possible government shutdown.

What happens (and what doesn't) if the government shuts down?

Tell us what your agency won't be doing if the government shuts down.

How tight can your belt get?

We ask whether our readers have a sense yet for how much they'll have to cut expenses in fiscal 2012.