IBM awarded $576M DOD chip manufacturing contract

The 10-year contract tasks Big Blue to build a secure enclave for semiconductor development and shoring up supply chains.

Veterans Affairs starts to preview intake services recompete

An industry day is on the schedule to hear about the next iteration of this contract geared toward making VA a paperless claims processing environment.

First CHIPS Act award signals start of U.S. semiconductor push

The Commerce Department chose a major defense hardware maker as recipient number one of CHIPS For America grant money, which certainly will go across multiple industries that are of importance to public sector.

Where IBM's protest over financial requirements fell short

A newly-released bid protest ruling details how the Veterans Affairs Department wants to look at bidders' liquidity ratios for a supply chain modernization contract.

IBM loses attempt to change VA supply chain modernization contract evaluation

In this unsuccessful protest, Big Blue argued that the Veterans Affairs Department's approach restricted competition.

HiddenLayer closes $50M Series A capital raise

Booz Allen Hamilton's venture capital fund is among the investors in this one-year-old startup that focuses on defending artificial intelligence systems.

Army turns to OTA to revamp its ERP systems

IBM, Accenture and Groundswell are building prototypes for a new Army enterprise resource planning system to consolidate and reengineer processes for finance, human resources and other business functions.

WT 360: IBM's blueprint for making a bigger impact across public sector

Susan Wedge from IBM Consulting and Mark Johnson of IBM detail how what Big Blue does and what it wants to do for U.S. government agencies feeds into the corporation's larger vision.

Price evaluation mistakes nixed Accenture's Air Force win

The Air Force left off some labor categories when it evaluated Accenture's bid to provide internet-of-thing solutions.

IBM wins second shot at Air Force 'Internet of Things' contract

Big Blue challenged the Air Force's choice of Accenture to build the platform at Tinker Air Force Base, but now the service branch will reconsider part of the evaluation.

IBM partners with U.S. and Japanese universities on quantum supercomputer R&D

With funding from IBM, universities in both countries will collaborate to develop a quantum supercomputer to spur further innovation in the field.

IRS adds more primes to resolve protests

The IRS faced a pair of protests but to move forward with a set of BPAs for modernization services, the agency added the protesters to the contract.

An initial look inside the combined IBM-Octo team

This transaction was easily the government market's most surprising one of 2022, both the largest in the history of the IBM Consulting business and a move that Big Blue's chief executive signed off on.

Pair of protestors secure places on $1.7B NIH BPA

The National Cancer Institute makes additional awards after it had second look at proposals.

Booz Allen, IBM get second shots at $2.6B IRS contract

The agency has decided to reopen discussions with bidders, which means these two companies that protested can still get positions on the systems modernization vehicle.

IBM, Booz Allen challenge awards for $2.6B IRS pact

Both companies believe they should be on this blanket purchase agreement for modernization services.

IBM to acquire Octo

IBM's purchase of this midsized government technology company takes place amid a myriad of happenings within Big Blue itself and across the market.