Billions expected for cybersecurity research

The deputy director of national intelligence for acquisition and technology told a recent cybersecurity connference that her office and the White House Office of Science and Technology plan a multibillion dollar research project on cybersecurity.

Wanted: A better system for intelligence collection

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity's Smart Collection office wants to fund research into ways to make collected intelligence more valuable.

Intell chief wants more information sharing

More integration between collection and analysis capabilities can be achieved by intelligence agencies during the next five years, the country's top intelligence officer said today.

Can virtual worlds create better spies?

The Office of the Director of National intelligence wants to harness virtual worlds to create better trained intell officers.

Does playing video games really make you smarter?

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency wants quantitative research on how immersion in virtual worlds affects real world performance.

Government to build $1.5B cybersecurity data center

Officials plan to build a $1.5 billion data center to bolster the cybersecurity capabilities of intelligence agencies, the Defense Department, and the Homeland Security Department.

Hathaway’s departure renews worries about cyber-czar vacancy

Melissa Hathaway's resignation as the Obama administration’s acting senior director for cyberspace has caused scrutiny about how the Obama administration is accomplishing its extensive cybersecurity agenda.

Eye on M&A

Private equity deals in the government services market are coming fast and are good news for the foundering economy.

Legislation would revamp clearance process

House members have introduced legislation that would require reporting on governmentwide adjudication and investigation standards for the security clearance process.

McConnell to rejoin Booz Allen

J. Michael McConnell, outgoing director of National Intelligence in the Bush administration, will rejoin Booz Allen Hamilton as senior vice president.