How one small business embraced the cloud and won

Global Computer Enterprises reached for cloud computing more than six years ago and was one of the first to offer the service to government agencies.

CACI award extends health, safety support at TSA facilities

Contractor will continue providing program management support to develop and maintain an effective safety and health program at the agency.

Better government management is in reach

Student ideas reveal effective management techniques that could be adopted today in agencies.

Students demand 'tough love' for TSA screener

Should a dedicated public servant who makes a mistake get a second chance? Steve Kelman's students give a surprising answer.

SAIC upgrades give TSA a closer examination of baggage

Science Applications International Corp. will improve the Transportation Security Administration's baggage-screening capabilities and reduce false alarms with a $25 million order for new imaging equipment.

TSA reads the tabloids

TSA's Blogger Bob offers some insight based on celebrity news.

Lockheed tasked with boosting TSA airport screening technology

Lockheed Martin Corp. will provide the Transportation Security Administration with new passenger screening and security equipment across the east and central United States under two, two-year regional task orders worth a combined $72 million.

TSA's Blogger Bob and the many angry comments

A lesson in blogging: Report that a passenger was charged with crimes and omit his acquittal, and expect to be roasted.

Transportation Security Administration overview

A snapshot of TSA's budget, leadership, major contracts and contractors.

K4 wins pair of federal IT awards

K4 Solutions Inc., a woman-owned, 8(a) small-business government contractor, has won two federal contracts that have a combined value of almost $18 million.

SAIC closes Reveal acquisition to boost customs agencies sales

Science Applications International Corp. has completed its acquisition of Reveal Imaging Technologies Inc., a provider of threat detection products and services. Financial terms were not reported.

GAO hands down decision on Unisys bid protest

Decision by GAO clears the way for CSC to finally begin work on the $500 million TSA infrastructure contract.

FBI veteran cleared to lead Transportation Security Administration

John Pistole brings more than 20 years of counterterrorism experience to TSA, blogger Mclatthew Weigelt writes.

TSA wants cyber forensics info

The Transportation Security Administration wants information on products it could use to deal with insider cyber threats, data leakage and misuse of IT assets.

CSC again wins $500M TSA infrastructure contract

Computer Sciences Corp. again bested Unisys Corp. and General Dynamics Corp. to win the TSA Information Technology Infrastructure Program contract, which has been mired in protest limbo for eight months.

FBI official picked to lead TSA

President Barack Obama has taken his third shot at finding a leader for the Transportation Security Administration.

A tech-laden traveler encounters TSA -- frequently

Gadget-toting GCN Lab director John Breeden has gotten used to extra scrutiny at the airport.

How to zip your laptop through TSA security

GCN Lab's Trudy Walsh usually checks her 10-pound laptop in her luggage when she flies. How has your laptop fared going through airport security?

TSA contractors performed government-only work, IG concludes

TSA allowed contractors to review invoices for other contractors in apparent violation of the Federal Acquisition Regulation, according to a new report from the Homeland Security Department inspector general's office.

Majority OK with airport full-body scan, report says

In a recent Unisys survey, 65 percent of air travelers found full electronic body scans to be acceptable.