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Joab Jackson

Joab Jackson is the senior technology editor for Government Computer News.

DOD open-source memo could change software landscape

DOD has issued guidance that clarifies the use of open-source software.

Cloud providers push for new software-pricing model

Shared-services centers such as Interior's National Business Center want per-usage billing for cloud computing software, but vendors reluctant to revamp their current business models.

DISA ramps up cloud-computing platform

The Defense Information Systems Agency is boasting that its new cloud-computing platform can provide a NIPRnet-connected, production-ready virtual server within 72 hours.

Cureton brings social media expertise to new NASA role

NASA selects Linda Cureton to be new CIO after nearly year-long search.

DOD rethinks buy versus build software quandary

DISA, Army exploring a new way to acquire applications more quickly and with less cost by building them in-house.

GSA issues cloud storefront RFQ

Storage, Web hosting and virtualization requested on an on-demand basis.

Power tools for Twitter

Despite its simple interface, Twitter can be a powerful tool for collaboration and communication.

Army gives green light to Cisco wireless package

The Army has listed the Cisco Unified Wireless Network package on its Information Assurance Approved Products List.

Army gives green light to Cisco wireless package

The Army has listed the Cisco Unified Wireless Network package on its Information Assurance Approved Products List.

Ocean Power to build buoys for Navy

Ocean Power Technologies Inc. has won a Navy contract to further develop buoys that generate electricity from the motion of ocean waves.

AT&T releases Synaptic Hosting

The new hosted service will offer online storage, processing power and enterprise applications.

Bulk of network data languishes in storage

Integrators can save dollars by putting old data on lower-cost storage area networks.

DARPA needs next-gen compilers

The agency is looking to fund development of compilers that can dynamically optimize programs for the specific environments in which they will run.

Sun to furnish optical interconnects to DARPA

Sun Microsystems will develop a microprocessor interconnect for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency under a five-and-a-half-year $44.29 million contract.

Sun to buy MySQL

Sun Microsystems is working to acquire open-source database vendor MySQL AB for about $800 million in cash.

SAP scoops up Yasu Technologies

Enterprise software giant SAP is in the process of acquiring privately held Yasu Technologies for an undisclosed amount, SAP said today.

Oracle sets its sites on BEA

The database giant has sent a letter to BEA's Board of Directors proposing to buy all shares of BEA Stock for about $6.7 billion. BEA has thus far not responded to the offer.

New technology identifies even most distorted fingerprints

The three researchers who developed the technology have founded a Warwick Warp, a company that will market it for use with access control systems, financial-transaction systems and passports.

Ready, set, go

DOD supercomputer program looks for speed and power.

Hewlett-Packard buying software co. Opsware

HP plans to incorporate Opsware software into its own line of data center support software, overseen by its Business Technology Optimization group.