IntelliDyne launches advanced analytics practice targeting security threats

IntelliDyne has formed a new advanced analytics practice to offer automated solutions that can mitigate security threats.

IntelliDyne has formed a new advanced analytics practice by developing a software program for automated solutions.

The software will allow chief information officers and employees to access comprehensive information and data simultaneously to anticipate next steps or potential problems, said Phil Vencenzes, who has been tapped to lead the practice as a senior vice president.

“If you think about it, there is an awful lot of information data that resides within the infrastructure that is used by an [enterprise information management] team to manage the network, to provide customer support and helpdesk support and cyber security, and all of this information is traditionally held in silos,” he said. “What we want to do… is to take that information and combine it, use it almost like an internal fusion center.”

The software will serve as an “interactive analytics dashboard” that will predict and prevent internal problems before they happen by providing solutions -- and eventually autonomous actions -- to a user’s desktop.

This streamlined approach will improve communication between CIOs and employees, said IntelliDyne CEO Tony Crescenzo.

“There is a real lack as I said of transparency and accountability and [the CIOs] don’t know what’s happening until it’s too late,” said Crescenzo. “How do you really keep a CIO asleep at night and not laying there with his eyes open waiting for the phone call that the Chinese just got all of your data?”

IntelliDyne officials worked to internally beta test a version of the software, combining the traditional Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining program with a more modern agile approach. Using this technology, the company was able to analyze the productivity and efficiency of fixed-price work, such as trends in seasonality at the helpdesk, Crescenzo said.

“We were able to increase our profitability around these things, and we began to show it to our clients who, amazingly enough, their reaction was, ‘Please put that on my desktop as soon as you can,’” he said.

The blend of different sets of data could also encourage companies to use data in new ways. For example, data from incident management modules could predict future asset performance in other areas, Vincenzes said.

IntelliDyne is also beta testing two more products within the advanced analytics practice and working with partners in the industry and academic fields, Crescenzo said.

“We’re looking to create positive outcomes in productivity and economies to scale and risk reduction for enterprise infrastructure clients across the government,” he said. “That’s the essence of it.”