Blue Delta adds Edgewater as a minority investment Wong

The venture capital firm gets a seat on the board so it can more closely advise the company on its growth strategy.

Blue Delta Capital Partners has added another minority investment to its portfolio by taking an equity stake in Edgewater Federal Solutions, a company focused on areas like enterprise IT and data science.

The investment gives Blue Delta a seat on Edgewater’s board that will allow it to advise the company on its growth strategy.

"Blue Delta’s successful track record and government services expertise make them the perfect partner for Edgewater,” the company's founder Richard Yockman said in a release Tuesday.

Frederick, Maryland-headquartered Edgewater's customers include the Energy Department and National Institutes of Health.

Edgewater also holds positions on the General Services Administration schedule, OASIS professional services, Defense Intelligence Agency SITE III, Federal Aviation Administration eFAST, and the Energy Department Energy Information Administration Omnibus Procurement 4.

“Our team at Blue Delta has been very impressed with the deep institutional knowledge that Edgewater has with its customers and the reputation that Edgewater has earned in the federal marketplace,” said Chris Torti, general partner at Blue Delta.

Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

Other Blue Delta investments in the government market include Gunnison Consulting, Redhorse Corp.,and Definitive Logic.