Why you should care about the newest entrants to the federal market

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In a new webcast with GovTribe, Nick Wakeman and Nate Nash talk about what new companies entering the market tell us about agencies are looking for and why established players need to pay attention.

One of the strengths of the federal market is the relatively low barrier to entry for new companies.

I recently recorded a webcast with Nate Nash, CEO of our sibling organization GovTribe, to talk about why these companies are important. They are potential partners and competitors for federal contracting dollars.

GovTribe’s New Entrants tool can tell you about what agencies are buying and where they might be experimenting, or piloting new technologies. That valuable information can enhance your go to market strategy.

The webcast is the pilot episode of Nick & Nate. Nash and I plan to get together on a regular basis to discuss the market and what GovTribe is seeing in the procurement data they collect and analyze.

Nash is one of the smartest people in the market when it comes to data, so I know you are going to learn something valuable.

Click here to download the webcast.