NOAA makes first batch of ProTech 2.0 awards / Roberto Machado Noa

These are for the satellite-focused domain of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's $8 billion professional services contract vehicle reserved for small businesses.

Fifteen companies have won positions on one domain of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's go-to contract vehicle for acquiring professional services from small businesses.

Awardees for this so-called "Satellites" domain of the potential 10-year, $8 billion ProTech 2.0 vehicle will compete for task orders to help NOAA manage its space and environmental data satellites.

NOAA uses those satellites to produce weather forecasts, analyze environmental and climate events, and monitor hazards. The Satellites domain is one of four that share in the ceiling for ProTech 2.0.

The 15 Satellites winners as announced Wednesday are:

  • Centuria Corp.
  • Columbus Technologies and Services Inc.
  • Data Networks Inc.
  • Earth Resources Technology Inc.
  • Ensco Inc.
  • Global Science & Technology Inc.
  • I.M. Systems Group
  • IBSS Corp.
  • Innovim LLC
  • Integrated Systems Solutions Inc.
  • Relative Dynamics
  • Riva Solutions
  • Riverside Technology
  • Science and Technology Corp.
  • Spatial Front

NOAA received a total of 66 bids for phase one of the ProTech 2.0 satellite domain evaluation and looked at 40 proposals in phase two.

The agency uses an advisory down-select method for all ProTech 2.0 domains that lets companies know of their likelihood of advancing in the process, but leaves the final decision up to them on whether to keep trying.

ProTech is NOAA's mandatory use vehicle to acquire professional, technical and scientific services. The contract is also open to other parts of the Commerce Department.

NOAA is accepting proposals through April 5 for the "Fisheries" domain focused on NOAA's mission of protecting seafood resources and helping create sustainable ecosystems. The agency expects to make those awards in March 2024, while final solicitations for the Oceans and Weather domains are currently under development.

Each domain of ProTech 2.0 has a five-year base period followed by single five-year option.