USCIS unveils first glimpse at software development recompete / SergeyBitos

This will be iteration number four of the Outcome-Based Delivery and DevSecOps Services vehicle, also known as ODOS.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency has started to preview its plan for the recompete of a contract vehicle for software development services in support of case management systems.

Iteration number four of the Outcome-Based Delivery and DevSecOps Services vehicle continues USCIS' ongoing efforts to bring qualified secure software teams from industry to support its business transformation efforts.

Responses to the ODOS IV request for information are due Feb. 19, USCIS said in a Wednesday notice.

USCIS describes the key lines of work as including adaptive follow-on maintenance, development of secure high-performing updates, and delivery of IT tools with cloud and site reliability engineering best practices and principles.

Alpha Omega Integration, DV United, Softrams and ADG-REI Technology Ventures are the incumbents on ODOS III after winning their seats in 2022. The latter company is a joint venture of ADG Tech Consulting and REI Systems.

USCIS awarded ODOS III as a series of delivery orders via the CIO-SP3 government-wide IT solutions contract vehicle.

No ceiling has been disclosed for ODOS IV, but Deltek data indicates that USCIS has obligated approximately $168 million in orders for ODOS III to-date. The current iteration is slated to expire in the fourth quarter of calendar year 2025.

The agency is part of the Homeland Security Department, which has a series of mandatory strategic sourcing vehicles already in place: Alliant 2, STARS III, CIO-SP3 and VETS2.

The ODOS IV RFI calls out companies with those vehicles as ones USCIS particularly wants to hear from, but USCIS does encourage all companies interested in the upcoming contract to respond.