WT 360: A roadmap to knowing the customer's buyer profile

Gettyimages.com / demaerre

Brian Lindholm, founder and managing principal of FedSavvy Strategies, provides the steps for companies to gain greater understandings of how federal agencies buy is just as important as what they buy.

Price and cost will always be a factor for U.S. government agencies in deciding who to choose for a contract, but not all of them just go with the lowest-bidding company for an award.

How the government buyer goes about its purchasing is of equal importance to knowing what the customer is asking for, as explained in this episode featuring FedSavvy Strategies' founder and managing principal Brian Lindholm.

In speaking with our Ross Wilkers, Lindholm goes over the work that business development teams can do in understanding the buyer profiles of prospective customers before starting to write proposals. That pre-bid exercise also shapes business decisions on whether to compete for a certain contract or not.

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