WT 360: How GovCon's 'Rule of Two' is poised to grow in scope

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Stephen Bacon of the law firm Rogers Joseph O'Donnell goes over the White House's push for agencies to expand their use of this golden rule of government contracting and what it means for small businesses.

Multiple-award contract vehicles are where a majority of the government's buying activity seems to take place these days, but the "Rule of Two" that tells agencies how to work with small businesses did not apply there.

The White House has started to work on changing that through a Jan. 31 memo that tells agencies to use that golden rule of government contracting for multiple-award vehicles and their task order business.

Stephen Bacon, government contracts attorney at the law firm Rogers Joseph O'Donnell, is our guest for this episode to explain what this move means for small businesses and what the Office of Federal Procurement Policy wants to accomplish.

Bacon tells our Ross Wilkers all about what the memo does and doesn't do, plus what comes next for the directive to become final and how small businesses can use it as an informational tool for their customers.

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