WT 360: Our first snap judgments of the 2024 Top 100

Gettyimages.com / Sergey Mironov

Nick is all done putting together the 2024 Top 100 rankings. Now it's time for Nick and Ross to start talking about the directions and themes the list illustrates about the federal technology and services market.

Edition number 31 of the Washington Technology Top 100 rankings is now live for all to use as a resource for more than just the numbers behind the federal market's largest technology and services contractors.

This latest episode of WT 360 has Nick and Ross start their talking through the companies and numbers that feature on the ranking, but particularly what they tell us about the government market's directions.

Here is *some* of what was on their agenda for this first in a two-episode series on the Top 100:

  • The top quadrant's significant market share concentration
  • How tech implementation and consulting are becoming more intertwined
  • What Science Applications International Corp.'s new CEO wants the company (No. 11) to grow into

We will post the second half of the discussion next Monday morning. Same time, same place.

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