2009 M&A Round Up

77 deals that are reshaping the market

We list all the deals that closed during 2009 in the government services market.

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Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/6/2009 Tetra Tech Inc. Haselwood Enterprises Inc. NA
1/7/2009 Sutron Corp. Ilex Engineering Inc. $1
1/9/2009 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. Universal Systems & Technology Inc. NA
1/13/2009 Three Pillar Software Inc. Firefly Database Solutions NA
1/16/2009 Global Telecom & Technology FedResults Inc. (mobility service agreements) NA
1/19/2009 AWR Corp. Simulation Technology and Applied Research Inc. NA
2/9/2009 Zantech IT Services Inc. Newtek International Inc. NA
2/26/2009 Secure Mission Solutions WareOnEarth Communications Inc. NA
2/27/2009 Parsons Corp. McMunn Associates Inc. NA
3/16/2009 ManTech International Corp. DDK Technology Group Inc. NA
3/26/2009 Freedom Consulting Group LLC Concentia Digital Inc. (government business) NA
4/1/2009 ICF International Inc. Macro International Inc. $129
4/13/2009 Preferred Systems Solutions Inc. Integrated Network Services Inc. NA
4/15/2009 Harris Corp. Crucial Security Inc. $34
4/16/2009 Sentel Corp. 24/7 Solutions Inc. NA
5/1/2009 Swedish Space Corp. Universal Space Network Inc. NA
5/8/2009 Deloitte Consulting BearingPoint Inc. (government business) $350
5/12/2009 CMA Capital Partners LLC Sentech Inc. NA
5/13/2009 USIS Inc. Labat Anderson Inc. NA
5/22/2009 Cobham plc Argotek Inc. $36
5/26/2009 SecureIT Consulting Group Inc. IntelArtisans LLC NA
5/29/2009 NIC Inc. Bearingpoint (Texas e-gov project) NA
5/29/2009 Rockwell Collins Inc. DataPath Inc. $130
6/1/2009 A-T Solutions Accelligence LLC NA
6/1/2009 Veritas Capital Kroll Government Services Inc. NA
6/22/2009 Boeing Co. eXMeritus Inc. NA
6/26/2009 Court Square Capital Wyle Laboratories Inc. NA
6/26/2009 Harrison Group Inc. MCR LLC NA
6/30/2009 MCR LLC Aerodyne Inc. NA
7/1/2009 Qinetiq Group PLC Cyveillance Inc. $40
7/6/2009 CUBIC CORP. Concord Operations Center of Vix ERG Pty Ltd. NA
7/9/2009 Snow Phipps Group LLC ITSolutions LLC NA
7/13/2009 Keane Inc. BearingPoint (New York City practice) NA
7/15/2009 i2 Limited Knowledge Computing Corp. NA
7/21/2009 Americom Government Services Inc. AOS Inc. NA
7/24/2009 Six3 Systems Inc. Harding Security Associates Inc. NA
8/5/2009 NCI Information Systems Inc. TRS Consulting Inc. $18
8/17/2009 Camber Corp. i2S Inc. NA
9/1/2009 Applied Signal Technology Inc. Pyxis Engineering $16
9/1/2009 Presagis USA Seaweed Systems Inc. NA
9/2/2009 Informatica Corp. Agent Logic NA
9/2/2009 Trace Systems Inc. SynExi LLC NA
9/11/2009 Eclat Consulting LLC BearingPoint (certain contracts) NA
9/11/2009 Evermedia Group Inc. System Technology Solutions NA
9/15/2009 Cherokee Nation Business LLC Information Technology Experts Inc. NA
9/28/2009 GovDelivery GovLoop NA
10/5/2009 BlackBox Corp. Quanta Systems LLC NA
10/13/2009 Camber Corp. Veritas Analytics Inc. NA
10/15/2009 TZP Capital Partners DLT Solutions NA
10/16/2009 Counter Threat Solutions Trancite Logic Systems NA
10/19/2009 DynCorp International Phoenix Consulting Group NA
10/20/2009 Ultra Electronics Holdings plc Scytale Inc. $5
10/26/2009 Raytheon Co. BBN Technologies $350
11/3/2009 Dell Inc. Perot Systems Corp. $3,900
11/3/2009 Ernst & Young Capital City Technologies NA
11/3/2009 TeleCommunication Systems Inc. Solvern Innovations Inc. NA
11/4/2009 Altegrity Inc. John D. Cohen Inc. NA
11/5/2009 AECOM Technology Corp. SSI Services Inc. NA
11/5/2009 Intergraph Corp. Sigraph NA
11/16/2009 Harris Corp. Patriot Technologies LLC NA
11/16/2009 TeleCommunication Systems Inc. Sidereal Solutions NA
11/17/2009 G4S plc Adesta LLC $66
11/23/2009 Inmarsat plc Segovia Inc. $183
12/8/2009 National Technical Systems Inc. Unitek Technical Services Inc. NA
12/9/2009 SGT Inc. Bastion Technologies Inc. (MSES IIB contract) NA
12/10/2009 ICF International Inc. Jacob & Sundstrom NA
12/11/2009 Secure Mission Solutions Sim-G Technologies NA
12/14/2009 ActivIdentity Corp. CoreStreet Ltd. $20
12/18/2009 Avaya Inc. Nortel Networks Corp. $900
12/18/2009 General Atlantic LLC and KKR TASC Inc. (Northrop Grumman subsidiary) $1,650
12/18/2009 Six3 Systems BIT Systems NA
12/23/2009 SafeNet Inc. Assured Decisions LLC NA
12/30/2009 GP Strategies Corp. PerformTech Inc. $20
12/31/2009 SGT Inc. Master Solutions LLC NA

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