2010 M&A Round Up

98 deals that are reshaping the market

We collect all the mergers and acquisitions that closed during 2010.

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Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/4/2010 Korn/Ferry International SENSA Solutions Inc. NA
1/4/2010 SAIC Spectrum San Diego (CarScan products line) $13
1/5/2010 Internet Capital Group Inc. GovDelivery $20
1/6/2010 Presidio Networked Solutions Coleman Technologies Inc. NA
1/7/2010 FGM Inc. Edge Technologies' Enterprise Services Group NA
1/12/2010 ASI Government Inc. ICOR Partners LLC NA
1/15/2010 ManTech International Corp. Sensor Technologies Inc. NA
1/15/2010 WORLD WIDE TECHNOLOGY, INC. Performance Technology Group Inc. NA
1/19/2010 Molina Healthcare Inc. Unisys health information management business $131M
1/22/2010 SAIC Inc. SET Corp. NA
1/22/2010 Symantec Corp. Gideon Technologies Inc. NA
1/25/2010 DynCorp Casals & Associates Inc. $7
2/1/2010 CACI International Inc. SystemWare Inc. $32
2/1/2010 SRA International Inc. Perrin Quarles Associates Inc. $9
2/9/2010 WidePoint Corp. Vuance Inc.'s government solutions division $2
2/10/2010 SAIC Inc. CloudShield Technologies Inc. $141
2/22/2010 KeyW Corp. The Analysis Group $35
3/2/2010 IBM CORP. National Interest Security Co. NA
3/4/2010 Global Equity Capital LLC Halifax Corp. $7
3/5/2010 Trustwave Corp. Intellitactics Inc. NA
3/12/2010 KeyW Corp. Insight Information Technology $11
3/18/2010 Versar Inc. Advent Environmental Inc $5
4/1/2010 Convergence Technology Consulting Pride Engineering LLC NA
4/15/2010 Boyne Capital Partners LLC Fulcrum IT Services Co. NA
4/22/2010 B3 Partners LLC Springfield, Va. Tessada & Associates Inc. NA
4/28/2010 Applied Signal Technology Inc. Seismic LLC $29
4/30/2010 Consolidated Safety Services Dynamac Corp. NA
4/30/2010 USFalcon Inc. Durango Group LLC NA
5/3/2010 SPADAC Inc. Veratect Corp. NA
5/7/2010 Honeywell International Inc. Akuacom NA
5/14/2010 CUBIC CORP. Impeva Labs Inc. $3
5/28/2010 Harris Corp. SignaCert Inc. NA
5/31/2010 ALAS Defense Systems Inc. Quality Performance Inc. NA
6/4/2010 Emtec Inc. Secure Data Inc. $5
6/15/2010 JMI Equity; Arlington Capital Partners Compusearch Software Systems Inc. NA
6/22/2010 CUBIC CORP. Safe Harbor Holdings Inc. NA
6/29/2010 Emtec Inc. Xcellor Corp. NA
7/5/2010 Babcock International Group PLC VT Group $2,100
7/7/2010 Cerberus Capital Management DynCorp International $1,562
7/7/2010 Tetra Tech Inc. PA Consulting Group (international development practice) NA
7/12/2010 Kathryn and R. Gregory Freeland A-Tek NA
7/16/2010 MCR LLC Alion Science and Technology business unit NA
7/16/2010 SAS Institute Inc. Vision Systems & Technology Inc. NA
7/19/2010 DA Acquisition Corp. Research and Engineering Development Inc. NA
7/19/2010 SRA International Inc. Sentech Inc. $25
7/30/2010 Boeing Co. Narus Inc. NA
8/5/2010 Boeing Co. Argon ST Inc. $799
8/6/2010 Vangent Inc. Buccaneer Computer Systems Inc. $65
8/9/2010 L-3 Communications Corp. Airborne Technologies Inc. NA
8/10/2010 Newberry Group Inc. CmdLabs LLC NA
8/12/2010 Arctic Slope Regional Corp. Mission Solutions Engineering (CSC subsidiary) NA
8/12/2010 Schafer Corp. Asynchrony Solutions NA
8/12/2010 Smartronix Inc. Cogon Systems NA
8/17/2010 SAIC Inc. Reveal Imaging Technologies $218
8/18/2010 CGI Group Inc. Stanley Inc. $1,064
8/20/2010 VSE Corp. Akimeka LLC $43
8/27/2010 AECOM Technology Corp. McNeil Technologies Inc. $355
8/30/2010 SM&A Inc. Black Ram Engineering Services LLC NA
9/9/2010 Wyle Laboratories Inc. CAS Inc. (from ITT) $235
9/20/2010 Accuvant Ciphent Inc. NA
9/28/2010 Commonwealth Technology Inc. QED Inc. NA
9/28/2010 VT Group Evergreen Unmanned Systems NA
9/29/2010 Six3 Systems Inc. Novii Design LLC NA
10/1/2010 CherryRoad Technologies Inc. Maximus Inc.'s U.S. ERP unit NA
10/1/2010 Deltek Inc. Input Inc. $60
10/4/2010 Computer Sciences Corp. Vulnerability Research Labs LLC NA
10/4/2010 Global Defense Technology & Systems Inc. Zytel Corp. $27
10/4/2010 Raytheon Co. Technology Associates Inc. $42
10/5/2010 CRGT Inc. Johnston McLamb NA
10/5/2010 Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. TechTeam Government Solutions $59
10/8/2010 ManTech International Corp. QinetiQ security intelligence and solutions unit $60
10/26/2010 ITSolutions LLC NetStar-1 IT services unit $75
11/1/2010 Riverbed Technology Global Protocols NA
11/2/2010 CACI International Inc. Applied Systems Research Inc. NA
11/4/2010 Raytheon Co. Trusted Computer Solutions Inc. NA
11/5/2010 AEA Technology PLC Eastern Research Group Inc. $83
11/11/2010 ITSolutions LLC Peace Technology Inc. NA
11/17/2010 SRA International Inc. Platinum Solutions Inc. $90
11/22/2010 Arlington Capital Partners White Oak Technologies NA
11/22/2010 ITT Corp. AOS group of SRA International NA
11/23/2010 Veritas Capital Lockheed Martin Enterprise Integration Group $815
11/29/2010 KeyW Corp. Sycamore US NA
12/13/2010 KeyW Corp. Everest Technology Solutions $30
12/15/2010 Elbit Systems Ltd. M7 Aerospace $85
12/16/2010 GeoEye Inc. SPADAC Inc. $46
12/17/2010 ITT Corp. EchoStorm Worldwide NA
12/17/2010 J.H. Whitney Capital Partners LLC Jorge Scientfic NA
12/17/2010 USTC Holdings LLC Xe Services LLC NA
12/20/2010 Computer Sciences Corp. CenTauri Solutions LLC NA
12/20/2010 Global Defense Technology & Systems Inc. Signature Government Solutions LLC $53
12/22/2010 CUBIC CORP. Abraxas Corp. $124
12/23/2010 ManTech International Corp. MTCSC Inc. $75
12/30/2010 SM&A Inc. Cardinal Technologies Inc. NA
12/31/2010 Tailwind Capital Group LLC Ericsson Federal Inc. NA
12/31/2010 Ultra Electronics Adaptive Materials $28

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