2013 M&A Round Up

70 deals that are reshaping the market

We've collect all the deals that closed in 2013 in the government IT and services market and have published them as part of a sortable electronic database.

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Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/4/2013 J.F. Lehman & Co. IMECO NA
1/6/2013 Vistronix Technology Associates International Corp. NA
1/9/2013 Behrman Capital Tresys Technology NA
1/23/2013 Network Designs, Inc. BitSec Global Forensics NA
1/24/2013 BALL Aerospace & Technologies Corp. NGA TASER assets of OGSystems NA
1/30/2013 Gladiator HoldCo LLC Computer Security Solutions NA
1/31/2013 KeyW Corp. IDEAL Technology Corp. NA
2/22/2013 Boeing Co. Acalis business of CPU Technology NA
3/1/2013 Macaulay Brown Inc. Secure computing and communications unit of Luna Innovations $6.70
3/8/2013 Parsons Corp. First Support Services subsidiary of FirstGroup NA
4/2/2013 EOIR Technologies Viecore Federal Systems Division from Nuance Communications NA
4/2/2013 Universal Protective Service Allegiance Security Group NA
4/3/2013 ORBCOMM Inc. GlobalTrak division of System Planning Corp. $3.25
4/16/2013 Haystax Technology Digital Sandbox NA
4/17/2013 Riverside Co. TerraSim NA
5/7/2013 Haystax Technology FlexPoint Technology NA
5/15/2013 The SI Organization Applied Communication Sciences, a subsidiary of Telcordia Technologies NA
5/21/2013 Digital Management Inc. Kalvin Consulting NA
5/23/2013 Argol America Eagle Support Services Corp NA
5/31/2013 Subsystem Technologies Alapko NA
6/3/2013 Quantum Research International Inc. J2 Technologies NA
6/4/2013 Information Innovators Inc. GoldBot Consulting NA
6/10/2013 Aleut Corp. American Radiation Services NA
6/18/2013 Invertix Corp. (now known as Altamira Technologies) Near Infinity Corp. NA
6/27/2013 Raytheon Co. Visual Analytics NA
6/28/2013 Unicom Systems Inc. Certain IT assets of Acentia NA
6/29/2013 Acentia InSysCo NA
7/2/2013 Caltius Capital Management SM&A NA
7/8/2013 Social & Scientific Systems Portion of health sciences research business from SRA International NA
7/11/2013 StarDyne Technologies United Systems Technology NA
7/15/2013 Oasis Technologies PeakPoint Technologies NA
7/19/2013 PAE Applied technology division of Computer Sciences Corp. NA
8/10/2013 RGS Associates GRA Inc. NA
8/23/2013 Spry Methods, Inc. James Secure Solutions, Inc. (JSS) NA
9/4/2013 Quantum Spatial Inc. (formerly AeroMetric) GMR Aerial Surveys Inc. NA
9/5/2013 Versar Inc. GeoMarine, a division of ARA $6.50
9/11/2013 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. Amor Business Technology Solutions Ltd NA
9/13/2013 Triumph Enterprises, Inc. CETECH NA
9/16/2013 Riverside Partners AMCAD NA
9/26/2013 True North Logistics RAMTECH Support Services NA
9/27/2013 Tangible Software Inc. N2 Net Security NA
10/1/2013 Technical and Project Engineering, LLC (TAPE) Strong Point Research NA
10/7/2013 CISCO SYSTEMS INC SourceFire $2,394.80
10/14/2013 Crawley Hatfield Capital CertiPath NA
10/16/2013 ALJ Regional Holdings Faneuil NA
10/16/2013 Dominion Business Solutions Integrated Business Consulting NA
10/29/2013 Braxton Technologies Net-Centric Design Professionals NA
11/1/2013 Apprio Inc. Professional Consulting Solutions Inc. NA
11/1/2013 Integrity Applications Inc. Pacific Defense Solutions LLC NA
11/5/2013 Applications Technology Omnifluent human language technology software business of Leidos NA
11/7/2013 HyTrust High Cloud Security NA
11/8/2013 Tallasi Technology GAP Solutions NA
11/13/2013 A-T Solutions GreenLine Systems NA
11/13/2013 Deltek Inc. Centurion Research Solutions NA
11/14/2013 Aurora Capital Group National Technical Systems $323.70
11/14/2013 ePlus AdviStor NA
11/15/2013 CACI INTERNATIONAL Six3 Systems $820.00
12/4/2013 Eagle Ray Inc. Kore Federal NA
12/4/2013 Vistronix NetCentric Technology NA
12/5/2013 Vistronix Kimmich Software Systems NA
12/10/2013 OBXtek Inc. enterprise systems division of PSI International NA
12/17/2013 Babcock International Group PLC Context Information Security Ltd. $52.20
12/19/2013 KS International [DC Capital Partners LLC] Michael Baker Corp. $394.50
12/20/2013 Secure Communications Systems Tactical Micro NA
12/23/2013 Rockwell Collins Inc. ARINC $1,390.00
12/30/2013 FireEye Mandiant $843.50