BAE, LGS added to DARPA computing program

BAE Systems Inc. and LGS Innovations become the latest members in a program for DARPA to build software for computing asset management.

BAE Systems Inc. and LGS Innovations have been added as participants on a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency program to build software that could help managed dispersed computing assets.

DARPA awarded BAE a four-year, $9.7 million contract and LGS was given another four-year pact worth $7.6 million. These awards grow the number of Dispersed Computing contract awardees to four as Raytheon’s BBN Technologies subsidiary and Vencore Labs have been announced as participants over the past week.

Through Dispersed Computing, DARPA aims to develop decision systems that collectively task computing assets across large numbers of dispersed and heterogenous platforms. DARPA also seeks software instantiations of algorithms and protocol stacks to manage application and network performance.

DARPA received 42 offers for Dispersed Computing via an open broad agency announcement.

BAE will perform its work in Burlington, Mass. and LGS’ location of performance is Florham Park, N.J.

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