Lockheed's venture org backs airspace monitoring firm

Lockheed Martin's venture capital organization invests in a company focused on monitoring low-altitude airspace traffic as drone delivery and other new use cases are emerging.

Lockheed Martin’s venture capital organization has made a new investment in Hidden Level, a company that designs and develops sensors for monitoring airspace traffic at low altitudes.

Terms of the transaction were undisclosed. Lockheed Martin Ventures and Hidden Level said Wednesday they seek to apply new distributed sensor networks in an effort to increase capabilities in air surveillance and security.

Syracuse, New York-based Hidden Level touts its focus areas as including smart cities, corporate security, law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection, public events and venues, and commercial unmanned aerial vehicle traffic management.

Hidden Level designs its airspace monitoring sensors and services to work in densely-populated areas amid the emergence of use cases such as drone delivery and urban air mobility.

“Growing infrastructure and evolving technology pose new challenges every day, such as spectrum access and radar congestion, to safely navigate our nation’s airspace system,” Chris Moran, general manager and vice president of Lockheed Martin Ventures.

Other investors supporting Hidden Level include Pipeline Capital Partners, Quest Venture Partners, Lauder Partners, J-Angels Investment Group and Drone Fund.

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