Peraton reveals new structure with Northrop IT acquisition done

Peraton unveils its new operating structure with Northrop Grumman's IT services business now in the fold.

With Northrop Grumman’s IT services business now in the fold, Peraton on Thursday unveiled its new operating structure around four business sectors and a realigned executive leadership group.

That newly-constituted management team now has 18 total members, including 14 in corporate leadership alongside the four sector leaders. Peraton's latest announcement includes four that joined from Northrop and five that have been with the former.

Herndon, Virginia-based Peraton is of course also getting ready to expand even further later this year once it combines with Perspecta, which Peraton’s private equity owner Veritas Capital is acquiring for $7.1 billion.

"As Peraton expands we will be faced with a complex range of new opportunities and challenges across our functions and businesses, and I am confident that our new leaders will be integral to Peraton's success providing highly differentiated national security solutions and technologies to essential government agencies," Peraton CEO Stu Shea said in a release.

Peraton’s new business segments are:

  • Space and intelligence -- led by Roger Mason and incorporates several programs added through the acquisition.
  • Cyber mission -- led by Tom Afferton and delivers programs, information operations and other technical solutions to customers.
  • Global defense and security -- led by John Coleman and also adds several new programs from the acquisition, plus expands support to the State and Homeland Security departments.
  • Civil and health -- led by Tarik Reyes and supports customers in citizen and human services missions including health care efforts for COVID-19.

Mason and Coleman were previously segment presidents at Peraton, while Afferton and Reyes were formerly vice presidents at Northrop.

Peraton also created three new executive positions to focus on program performance, strategy execution and how the company will address diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

Those new roles and appointments are:

  • Chief performance officer -- Erik Buice will oversee the adoption and application of quality and certification standards, and performance metrics across Peraton's portfolio.
  • Chief strategy officer -- Chris Valentino will be responsible for strategic market creation and working with other company leaders and managers on execution.
  • Chief DE&I officer -- Laila Salguero will work across Peraton's sectors and functions on aligning DE&I goals with business outcomes, lead its ethics and compliance functions, and create and carry out programs in support of DE&I efforts such as employee resource groups.

Buice and Valentino were previously vice presidents at Northrop, while Salguero was formerly VP of corporate responsibility at Peraton.

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