Enlightenment Capital takes the covers off new cyber, intelligence company

Gettyimages.com / da-kuk

This 1,000-employee business touts data science, analytics and commercial software solutions as its core focus areas.

On the heels of unveiling a new space software company, government market investment firm Enlightenment Capital is using that method to reveal another new cybersecurity and intelligence-focused solutions provider formed via acquisitions.

Newly formed RealmOne said Wednesday it now goes to market as a1,000-employee business led by CEO Gary Daigle, a co-founder and formerly chief executive of iNovex.

Enlightenment first backed iNovex in the fall of 2022, then added Innoplex and Secure Innovations over the following six months. HTS Infosys is the fourth business being folded into what is now RealmOne.

The formation of RealmOne is similar to how Enlightenment built EverWatch, another business almost exclusively focused on cybersecurity and intelligence work that Booz Allen Hamilton acquired in late 2022 for approximately $400 million.

RealmOne touts its core technology focus areas as also including data science, advanced analytics, hyper-automation and commercial software solutions for national security agencies. The idea is to help agencies use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to turn vast amounts of data into actionable information and intelligence.

"RealmOne is a platform to identify, spark, and support innovation in support of solutions to emerging challenges across the national security spectrum," Enlightenment founder and managing partner Devin Talbott told WT via email. "We have assembled an outstanding team and collection of businesses that will enliven the RealmOne banner with that mission."

Enlightnment's unveiling of RealmOne follows the investment firm's recent creation of Auria, the space software developer which also came together through the combination of four businesses that were acquired.