Navy keeps Deloitte for $88M training support recompete / Yuichiro Chino

Deloitte first won the work in 2018 to standup the platform designed to simulate the capabilities of shipboard networks.

The Navy has awarded a new five-year, $87.9 million contract to Deloitte Consulting that extends the company's role as the main provider of support services to a virtual training platform.

Deloitte also will work with the Navy to expand that environment beyond the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services tactical system onboard ships, with an eye toward connecting more applications as well.

A total of three companies bid for the contract, the Pentagon said in its Tuesday awards digest.

CANES is a representation of how the Navy wants its legacy shipboard networks bundled into a more singular construct for command, control, intelligence and logistics applications. Eight companies are on the potential $4.1 billion contract awarded in 2022 for CANES products.

The training environment Deloitte supports is intended to facilitate IT administration, management and troubleshooting functions for the CANES capability.

Deloitte first won the work in 2018 at a $23 million ceiling to stand up the training platform and take on responsibilities such as curriculum delivery, train-the-trainer and course events, and other related delivery services.