WT 360: All about GSA's 'MAS-sive' contract consolidation


Companies have much to work on as the General Services Administration turns its 24 Multiple Award Schedule contracts into one. GSA Schedule specialist Courtney Fairchild is here with an updated roadmap for contractors to follow.

One of the federal government's largest contracts for commercial products and services is in a paradox as the General Services Administration is taking it through a complex consolidation process.

Noted GSA watcher and Schedule contract specialist Courtney Fairchild returns to WT 360 to provide an update on where the consolidation is now, next steps for companies to take and why they should view their actions as a series of business decisions versus purely administrative work.

Fairchild's role as CEO of the proposal consultancy Global Services Inc. means she is continuously peppered with questions on what companies should do next in this third phase of the Multiple Award Schedule consolidation. Consider this episode a collection of "Frequently Asked Questions," which our Ross Wilkers asks Fairchild, on pitfalls to avoid.

GSA's end goal for the consolidation is simplicity for agencies and companies alike. Simplicity should also drive contractors' actions in order to make the process straightforward for GSA employees, as Fairchild says.

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